Want to share some Christmas joy and give to some deserving people.

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Want to share some Christmas joy and give to some deserving people.

I want to find a few deserving people to send some things to ensure they have a nice Christmas. If you are short on funds, have a limited income, live on disability, social security or the generosity of others, I want to send you some Christmas joy. The rules to participate in my give away are simple.

*Live on a social security or disability income.
*Take care of yourself and or your family with limited funds that doesn’t allow you to buy gifts.
*You live in the United States or a US territory.
*Most important please think when doing this and ensure you enter yourself honestly and truthfully and do not misrepresent yourself or your situation. Don’t take advantage of mine or another’s kindness and generosity.

If you want to participate or suggest someone please message me with brief explanation of your situation, how many in your family or if you live alone, if you have children, their ages if they are a boy or girl and how many kids you have.

I know some people don’t like to divulge personal information or talk about their current situation. I’m not trying to dig into anyone’s personal life, just want some background so I can pick those who are deserving and need help, assistance, or just a boost to help get them on their feet. My goal is to spread the joy of Christmas and what it represents. I’m always doing what I can to help my fellow man, but this time of year just getting a small gift and the concern of someone is special and meaningful.
If anyone wants to join me in this mission, please come on in and welcome aboard. Let’s make this Christmas great for a few people that probably wouldn’t have anything if not for our doing this. Thanks. Merry Christmas. And God Bless you all.

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What a generous offer! Thumbs up! Thumbs Up

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I live on disabled pension, but not in the US, hopefully I payed 15 years in private insurance to get me a stock up on my disabled pension so I am fine the difference from 650€ to 1050€ is huge