Review: Sofirn SP32A (XPL2) Flashlight

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Rusty Joe
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Review: Sofirn SP32A (XPL2) Flashlight
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Rusty Joe,

Thanks for your efforts in reviewing and sharing your thoughts with us.

Ordered one myself and should be arriving any day now.

Ali website lost User Interface instructions! so could be back to you in the near future with a query or two.

S-L Smile

Ouchyfoot to a New Member: Welcome CJ. Now you have to learn about buying an inexpensive flashlight and modifying it until it either blows up, or starts small fires on the moon…………

Hugh Johnson:
I, too, once lived a tragic and empty life. Then I found [portable] light.
You forgot to mention clothes. I sold most of my clothes to fund my light collection. This is actually fine, since I only go out after dark, and most people can’t see me.
Finally, I got my priorities straight.