Fitorch ER16 review (1000lm, XP-L2,RCR123A)

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Fitorch ER16 review (1000lm, XP-L2,RCR123A)


This review will be dedicated to a new light by Fitorch, the ER16.

Link to the flashlight page on Fitorch website

So, what’s interesting about this light?

1. 1000 lm from RCR123A is impressive.
2. No time based stepdown, a smart temperature and voltage based stepdown.
3. Precise voltmeter (like we saw on Nitecore lights …)

User manual download link

Let’s start

The light comes in a rather small carton box, with a dominating black and orange color theme. I guess that the light raised some suspicions at the customs, because it was opened and torn a bit on arrival.

The light comes with a comprehensive set of accessories. It comes with holster, a carrying clip, usb cable (the light is rechargeable), lanyard, user manual and a spare o-ring.

The holster is of a good quality, fits the light very well. Because of the light built, you can fit it in the holster both head and bottom down.

The clip is big, and has a lanyard hole. More about clip later….

The light is very solid built. It has one of the biggest buttons in proportion to it’s size. The button is electronic, and has some smart features (more on that later).

Another lanyard hole at the tailcap. The tailcap also has built in magnet, that will hold the light securely if attached to a magnetic metal surface.

The led in use is XP-L2 (there is some mismatch between the data on the site and on the bix. The user manual that comes with the light says XP-L2). The reflector can be easily removed without any tools (I am not sure that it will be the same way on all of the lights or it’s only on the review sample). Please note that the star seems to be made of copper (very nice). If you want to fit TIR optics – all options are open for you.

The tailcap is huge, the biggest I saw in proportion to the light head.

The light comes with some unbranded RCR123A battery. The battery is not some proprietary type, so the light will handle and recharge just about any RCR123A battery.

There is mechanical reverse battery protection. Please note that the RCR123A battery has a lot of space around it – it seems that 18350 battery will also fit this light.

The light has some smart features. It has a built in voltage meter, and low battery warning as well.
After you quickly click the button three times when the light is off, battery meter is enabled. The green indicator around the button blinks, indicating the voltage in volts, and afterwards the red one blinks, indicating the volt decimals (for 3.8 volts there will be 3 green and 8 red blinks).

Controlling the light

A long click from off position turns the light on (not really long, but longer than a fast short click).
A double click from any position enables the strobe mode.
When the light is on, short clicking the button changes the modes in the following order : min->max->hight->med->min->….
A long press turns the light off.
A long press while the light is in off condition will enable the electronic lockout function. In order to unlock the light you will have to press the button until the light will be on in the lowest mode.

The clip can be only attached when the tailcap is unscrewed. Also when the clip is attached and you try to unscrew the tailcap the clip will interfere and will get scratched or will scratch the light.
The light is not huge, but is one of the bigger RCR123A lights that I came across.

The light draws up to 1A when charging, just as manufacturer stated. The tailcap is flat, so no problem to tail-stand.

Let’s see it in work?

Well, great. Just as expected from a rather deep smooth reflector.

Conclusion, final thoughts.

Well, I think that the light success will be determined by it’s price. There are no break-throw achievements made in this light, but it does a lot and does it well. It will be a great first light and a great gift – all that you need for a start comes with the light …

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Can someone recommend a good 16340 battery for this light?

Flashy Mike
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Thanks for the review. The claimed runtime values are pretty optimistic though. Would only fit with down regulation even in high mode.

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I just ordered this light. now to find a good battery for it…

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I ended up getting a Keeppower IMR 18350 (1200 Mah) mabbtery for it. Its a cool little light but i wish it would always start on low or moonlight . I also had to put a small magnet on the +end of the battery for it to work.

I also dont understand why the clip attachement is where it is. Its attached to the tail part of the light and if i un-screw the cap to replace a battery, the clip spins with the cap, leaving scratches all around the body of the light. Am i doing something wrong? Just seems like a bad design. I took the clip off (actually, when i tried to get it off, it broke).

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The clip application and removal gouged the flashlight and created some sharp edges that will need to be filed down so that I don’t get cut by them.

Go with an 18350

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I dont think the led is xp-l2

Forgot my pen