Fitorch P30R review (1180 lm, XP-L2, 18650/2xRCR123A)

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Fitorch P30R review (1180 lm, XP-L2, 18650/2xRCR123A)


This review will be dedicated to an interesting flashlight from Fitorch, the P30R.

Link to the light page on Rofislight website

So, what’s interesting?

1. A modern XP-L2 led is being user, providing 1180 lumens.
2. The light is both rechargeable, and can be used as powerbank in order to charge other equipment.
3. The light is equipped with a precise battery meter.

User manual download link

Let’s start?

The light comes in a carton box, dominated by black and orange colors.

The light comes with a usb charging cable, a spare button cover with o-rings, holster, user manual and an interesting adapter.

It’s micro usb type b male to usb female adapter, allowing the flashlight charging port to be used as a power bank. Of course you can also use it with other micro usb equipped devices, at your own risk.

The holster is of a high quality the light can be inserted both head down or up, but better up.

Here is the light. It looks very “combat ready” , rough and massive. Notice the big striking bezel.

The light is being operated by two buttons – a mechanical button at the tailcap (on-off), and electronic side button. The light can tailstand. The micro usb charging port that can be used as a powerbank.

There are two indicators integrated into the side buttons, green and red. They can indicate the battery voltage, and battery charging status.

A bit about operating the light

The tailcap button in used in order to switch the light on and off.
If the side button is pressed, while the light is being turned on (using the tailcap button), battery voltage display function is activated. The green light blinks, indicating volts and the red one blinks indicating the decimals (for 3.8 the green will blink three times, and the red eight).
Clicking the side button with switch modes in the following order : min->med->high->min->…
Holding the side button will activate the strobe mode. The strobe mode is different from every strobe mode I ever encountered. The strobe alternates the strobe frequency – once it’s turned on it’s quite fast and really disorienting, after several seconds it gets a bit slower and afterwards gets back to the fast speed. Holding the button while the light is in strobe mode enables the SOS mode.

Please notice the outer thin ring – this is the result of that deep bezel.
The bezel itself can be easily removed (without giving access to the LED or affecting water resistance) and light diffuser can be mounted instead of it (not included).

The adapter can be used in order to utilize the powerbank function. As you can see the light can even provide higher current, but the voltage drops. Maybe if I would used another cell I would get other results. The light consumes up to 1A of current while recharging.
The powerbank function can also be used to charge mobile phones or tablets.

Let’s see it in action?

Well, as you could have guessed – quite impressive. 1180 lumens in a deep smooth reflector produces a nice throw. The outer thin ring is less visible in real life, but if you will look for it, you“ll find it.

Conclusion, final words

Well, Fitorch manage to create special lights, that perform well in real life. I like this light because of it’s relative simplicity, and performance.

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