[Review] Astrolux Ti3A keychain flashlight supplied by Banggood

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[Review] Astrolux Ti3A keychain flashlight supplied by Banggood

The light was supplied by Banggood, no compensation other than the light itself was received for this review

The lights are regular priced with 21.95$, 18.95$ flash sale
Mad Max coupon MTI3A will bring it down to 16.95$

This light was supplied by Banggood for a review, I am honest and will judge the light as it is with its pros and cons

Manufactory specification:

Product name: Astrolux Ti3A Titanium Nichia 219C 85LM Mini LED Flashlight
Brand: Astrolux
Model: Ti3A
Emitter Type: Nichia 219C
Light temperature: 5000K
Light color: Neutral white
Material: Titanium
Mode: High,Mid,Low,Strobe (do not have memory function)
Lumens: 85LM,40LM,1LM,85LM
Runtime: 30min,55min,75h
Battery Configurations: 1 x AAA Alkaline or NI-MH battery (not included)
Switch Type: Twisty
Switch Location: Head of the flashlight
Impact Resistant 1.5
Max Output: 85lumens
Range: 30meters
Reflector: Orange Peel Reflector
Waterproof: IP65 Waterproof
Color: Silver
Weight: 21g (without battery)
Size: 65mm x 15mm x 12mm(length x head x body diameter)

-Utilizes a latest Nichia 219C LED with 50,000-hour lifetime
-Output mode/Runtime: High: 85lumens/30Minutes, Mid: 40lumens/55minutes, Low: 1Lumens/75hours
-High-efficiency digitally regulated circuit to maintain a constant brightness as battery life diminishes
-Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam
-Double-side AR coated, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, maximizes light transmission (99% light transmittance)
-Side twisty switch and easy operation
-Special design of tail cap can stand and be used as a candle
-High quality and light weight titanium body
-Impact resistance to 1.5 meters and waterproof in accordance with IP65 Waterproof
-Suit for everyday carry, can also be a keychain,gift, emergency and security light
-Tritium tail design makes your flashlight to be found more easily in the dark
The parcel arrived after 37 days shipping to Germany which is slow from China.

Package and content:
The lights box came packed well with a wrap around and in a plastic bag, typical for Banggood

The light comes in a solid white Box

The box only contains the light and a package of 3 o-rings

Photos of the light

the dust is from me testing the light the reflector is clean with no defects

Size Comparism

Size compared to other Keychain lights

and compared to the biggest Astrolux brother

Beam color is neutral around 5000K with a Nichia 219C diode, the beam is very floody because of the small reflector

The beam color has almost no tint shift and overall the hotspot has a pretty pure white
compared to it the BL 348 looks very rosy tinted

from left to right the lights get cooler, picture taken @5000K camera setting
Utorch UT01 2017 around 4000K, Astrolux Ti3A 5000K, Nitecore TIP CRI 2017 5000K, BLF 348 Nichia CRI 5000K, Jetbeam Jet-1 MK XPG2 6500K

The light runs on NiMh, alkali line batteries likely on 1.8V lithium primaries as well
I would not risk alkalileaks in this light as I have not found a way to open it without applying force

The machining on this light is great, but it is not polished you can see all tool marks

The lens is AR coated, the coating is good

The light should be waterproof with lubed o-ring, but I will not submerge it as its only rated IP65

The modes can be switched by rotating the head similar to Jetbeam Jet-1 MK, but the head can’t be unscrewed
Mode spacing 0.6%, 22%, 100%

The tail cap has a hole for a lanyard and a spot for a tritium vial

the thread is lubed and triangular cut

the spring is pretty soft and not magnetic so it’s likely made of some copper alloy

Driver and Battery

The driver uses PWM in all modes but high, frequency is rather slow compared to Convoy Lights
The driver has unfortunately only next mode memory
Modes are low-med-high-strobe
Strobe uses only half brightness

The mode spacing is OK, the moonlight has below 1 lumens

LED lux @1m for the modes

with full NiMh

Moon 1.8cd measured 29@25cm
Medium 64cd
High 286cd

There is not much mod potential other than gluing a tritium vial in the tail cap

User Interface
Twist the head 120° to turn the light on and off, driver needs about 45 seconds offtime to lock in the mode to memory

I wish it had no mode memory at all and start on low mode
had short and long twist to go reverse in the modes


- the body has a nice finish
- very solid body made from titanium
- great LED tint and color rendering
- AR coated glass lens
- proper LVP and low battery warnings

- Light needs about 45s to store the mode after turned off, better would be 2-3 seconds
- with a strobe in normal mode order this will scare most enthusiasts away

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Nice wee light with a driver upgrade, thanks.

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Nice review. Thanks
Next mode memory makes it a deal breaker for me. I might tolerate that in a $3 zoomie but not in a$25 light. PWM doesn’t help either. I wish manufacturers would understand the importance of a decent driver.

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Nice body buta yea why a none hidden strobe in a 85lm light? To gain tactical points in reviews?

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Great review

The light is very beautiful but

Kodachrome40 wrote:
Next mode memory makes it a deal breaker for me.

If they solve the next mode memory issue, possibly I buy it using the M4DM4X’s coupon
I do not forget the past of Astrolux

PS. If they solve the memory issue, hide strobe and lower the price to $15, I forget the past of Astrolux and pull the trigger without hesitation

Sorry for my bad English (gogole transtorla)

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Thanks for the review.

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Overall a good looking light, but that UI Sad

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There is no next mode memory, but the reset timeout is ~45 seconds.
Not cool but not a total bummer.

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Pencil trick?

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One could probably add a 500-1000k Ohm resistor, pencil could be too much.
A reset time of 1-2 seconds would be nice