Clearly Convoy Holiday Giveaway Ended. Winners announced!

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Clearly Silly i would like to participate in this gaw.
My fav convoy is the beast L6

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I have two regular L2s, and would like a third one so I can seat it between the other two like a trio of Cylons.


Oh! Fave Convoys?

  • 365nm UV S2+ with ZWB2 filter, by far!
  • 4C S2+ with 60° TIR
  • XP-L HI C8

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

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Of course I’m in. It’s a free flashlight after all. I have almost every convoy out there…L2’s, L4’s, L6’s, s3’s, s2’s, s2+’s, that are modded in every way possible: triplets, quads, direct drives, single modes, and every color tan, green, red, black & clear. Don’t have blue. I just love the versatility of the product.

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Why do i want it? Just look at it! It is clearly the most badass looking Convoy light there is atm Cool (this play on the word clear is gonna get old realy fast hehe)

Out of the Convoy lights i have (L6, L2, M1, S2+) i like the L2 shorty the most. The proportions are just spot on.

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Roses are red violets are blue, that L2 is cool, and I want one too!

Fav convoy(s) are my quiver of C8’s

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I was good this year… Honest I was. Santa (Simon) please bring me a Very Pretty Clear L2.

Favs are
in that order

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I would love to “ broken in “ to the extravaganza of “ LIGHT FORCE “ known as Convoy.

Convoy is reminiscent of Transformers Autobot Leader known as Custom Convoy or more commonly Leader Optimus Prime.

So what do Optimus Prime and Convoy lights have in common? Both leaders of their respective divisions.

Btw, Great finish. Cool platinum chrome luxury look.

Please accept my contest entry.

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I don’t wanna be the only one without an Lx. My s2+ has taken kindly to mods and is therefore my favorite.

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I was already thinking of stripping anodization off of my black l2 since i chipped it in some places, but if I get lucky with this contest I’ll just get this even better looking clear one and perhaps bake the other one and try to give it a worn down, alternative look Big Smile .
Favorite convoy light is by far the m2, I think the stainless steel bezel combined with no knurling on the tube gives it a very nice, kind of elegant look, and it has really good heat dissipation for the size too, thanks to those deep fins on the head.

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Looks nice 8)

I´m in!

If I win, I think I would give it away to one of my friends, who actually has more use for flashlights than me. Even though I´m the one sort of collecting them…

Anyway it´s nice to look back a while at the end of the year – forum has evolved a lot from early days…
…but oh boy, so has the stuff discussed in here also!

I´m happy to see that the give-aways are a thing to stay!

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I love the L6, and never got an L2… might be the right time for this !
I LOVE the bare aluminium look of my C8, along with the SS bezel it’s nice !
SImon does know how to make business for sure, after so many years he’s still up to date with nice reliable products.
I wish him the best for 2018, may he produce more awesome must-haves and keep business on board !

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Clear is looking pretty.
My favorite Convoy so far is a C8 with an S3 a close 2nd.
Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to own some more Convoy lights.

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Nice light, but I got already a black one ordered when they were on sale.

Count me in.

The S2+, C8 and L2,6 are great convoy lights.

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My favorite Convoy is 365nm UV S2+ but it is now clear that I would like to have this L2 too.

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I'm in !!!

I love my clear L6 and have gifted a black one to a close friend of mine and he loves it too.

I'm after a genuine thrower and the L2 sounds great.


Do you know that in Italian, Convoy means with you (con voi) and Buon Natale means Merry Christmas


... and it so happens that it is Christmas in Australia this time of there's only one thing left to say....





We should get sushi Carol
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That clear L2 looks perfect.
I recently bought clear C8 and I love it.
This looks so much more like bare aluminium and better than previous clear version, Simon should do C8 and S* models the same way.

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My clear C8 is one of my favorite lights, thinking about a clear L6, my black L6 and L2 are astounding lights, so pretty please count me in for this one! And Thanks!

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Wow! the finish makes me feel like I should get off the internet and polish something.

I’ve been checking the L2 and L6 out lately, I guess I’m getting nostalgic about this style light since I retired all of my maglites.

My favorite light currently is my sand S2+ I’ve been EDC that one ever since it arrived. I love that platform anyway, I must have a dozen by now even though I’ve gifted 3 or 4 this year.

All the best and thanks for the GAW.


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1. I really like Convoys but now I don’t have any clear version of them because I like more the shiny look of this one and earlier clear versions doesn’t really look like I wanted them.
2. I think my favourite is the C8 as you can see Big Smile Really mod friendly and you can end up a bunch of different results from them.

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I have several Convoy lights and recommend them, but never bought a L2. Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone at BLF.

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That Convoy’s new, clear finish in the op will never suffer from this problem of mine, which until now has remained a problem:

I have another matte-black finish light, a Thorfire C8 won in a GAW, and it suffers the same fate.

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The new clear finish looks absolutely spectacular in the photos! Love

I’d love to have an opportunity to get a closer look and provide feedback. LOL

My favourite Convoy so far (out of three) is the S2+ desert tan with 4C emitter, but I have a clear anodised C8 on its way to me so that may change shortly. Big Smile

I’m really looking forward to my first clear anodised torch. I suspect I’ll cave in and get a clear S2+ to match the C8 while I wait for the FW3A (and try to figure out an excuse for the L6). Cash

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Clearly I need at least one more flashlight, and clearly this is the one. Count me in. My favorite is the S2+ XPL-HI.

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My precious..

We wants it.

We needs it!!


My stock favourite Convoy would be my clear C8. But I really really like my red S2+ with MT-G2 Big Smile

Overkill is just about enough!

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Lyrics that (more or less) spontaneously come into my mind are:

1 Mercy sakes alive, looks like we’ve got us a convoy.

2 You never walk alone.

3 But the one in the middle. Sings “Hey diddle diddle” God, he’s just a pretty face.

PS. Of course I also have some C8’s.

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Mmm, clear anodization…

I’ve been looking at getting an L6 after the holidays.

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Would love to win a l2. Favorite is an l6

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I have the Convoy C8 Clear XP-L Hi w/ Biscotti and it’s a very nice flashlight, love the clear anodizing!

Also have the Convoy S2+ Desert Sand XP-L Hi w/ Biscotti, although it has too-fast timing which I’m unable to fix.. Otherwise, it’s also a good flashlight. Nice ‘sand’ color makes it stand out among other flashlight colors.

Also bought the Convoy S2+ UV, and recently also placed a ZWB2 filter (from Simon’s store) on it. Another great flashlight for specific uses.

Also received the Convoy BD04 a few days ago from Simon’s Convoy store, it was advertised as having ‘new’ firmware, which I presume to be the Biscotti firmware. Unfortunately, it still has the old annoying firmware Low-Med-High-Strobe-SoS and not Biscotti. I bought it specifically from Convoy AliExpress to get the new Biscotti but sadly it did not..

Hoping the new Convoy L2 clear will have the new firmware too.

And finally a few other Convoys (a couple of C8 and S2+ all with older firmware — I grabbed them because they’re in flash sale, and was hoping I can try flashing new firmware on them — haven’t gotten to doing this yet). Another Convoy I’m interested in is the Convoy L6, but currently don’t “need” it, plus I don’t have a way of getting good 26650 batteries (seems like no reputable online store ships this to my country economically; I don’t want to pay $50+ DHL shipping fee just to get these batteries), but will keep looking.

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Oh well…what am I missing here:


CLEARLY, an L2 Cool Big Smile

S2+ are my favourite flashlights. Period!

I would like to try the L2, I got a whole village to light up with it Evil

BTW, if Pink Floyd were a bunch of flashaholic guys, they would rewrite the name of the song to: Shine on your crazy CLEAR ANODIZING ! Just saying Big Smile

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i asked simon a while back if he planned on making a clear l2 version, clearly i been wanted this for a while now Smile

my favorite convoys are, l6, l2, and s2, all modified Wink