Clearly Convoy Holiday Giveaway Ended. Winners announced!

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Please count me in!

My favorite Convoy light is my L2.

Thanks for the GAW.

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I have an old L2 but haven’t use it since I tried to clean the dirty reflector and failed. lol. This shiny L2 might be my solution.

I like S4. Will be great if there is stainless steel version S4.

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CLEARly yes i am in.
i love my s2+ 18350 single and triples.
thanks for the giveaway.

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DoNkEyConN wrote:
……. child.

Please, the future of my land depends upon it!

here is a photo of the aforementioned Dropbear, scary isnt it?

For the members who do not know that Aussies in general are only verbal abusive to the one’s they really like.
This piece of information about the Koala will show you why.

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Beautiful new look, I want to have one in my collection.
My favorite the M1 model, because it’s a real universal flashlight.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…
A very wise Jedi once said: hmm, convoy giveaway, in, I am.

My favorite convoy light is 100% the L2.
For a flashlight that’s not a edc light the L2 is a perfect size with it’s 26650 sized battery tube which feels great. Perfect with just one 26650 installed but when needed it has the possibility for 2 cells.
A nice sized head with good throw but not too much throw.

I have a c8 here but imo that one is too big to be classified as edc by and too small to be classified as ‘the next thing’.

The clear finish would be the best looking finish possible for a aluminium light. Those machine marks are just beautiful.

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I have Convoy L4 (with XM-L2 2700K) and S3 (with triple Nichia), and I love this flashlights very much.
My favorite model is the L6, but i could be happy with a clear L2 as well!

Mike C
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I’d like one of these, I’m in!

Favorite? That’s difficult… I’ve built a few lights from Convoy hosts, hard to say which I like the most. And I have new ones on the way which I haven’t used before.
But so far? The red S2+ is really nice, but it’s not mine, I made it for my girlfriend. Of my own I think I’ll have to vote for the M1.

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Looks amazing, I’d like to get one. My favorite so far is L6, I chose black over clear for mine, but if you put this finish on L6 too I’ll get another one. Thanks.

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Uhhh a clear anodized mini GT Wink Hell yeah, my brother would look with it like I will look with the GT. So I´definitely in.

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Oh WOW! Light up my life with an L2! Smile

Just ordered my very first Convoy (S2+ Sandy Brown XPL-HI U6 4C 4300-5400K) and adding an L2 would be fantastic!

Thanks for the opportunity here. Merry Christmas!

Addendum. The Desert Tan S2+ has become a favorite here! Convoy rocks! Smile

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Thanks for running the giveaway J-Dub.
I would kindly like the analyse the shininess of the clear L2.
My favourite Convoys are the neutral white L6, and warm white S2+, because you can do cool stuff such as this…

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Frosty days and ice-still nights,
Fir trees trimmed with shiny flashlights,
Sound of sleigh bells in the snow,
That was Christmas long ago.

Tykes on sleds and shouts of glee,
Icy-window filigree,
Sugarplums and lumens glow,
Part of Christmas long ago.

I am in. Big Smile

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I am lazy to think creative, but ill say that i would love to have that sexy looking L2.

Oh and my favorite Convoy is probably the S2+, but as i write this i think i should also say C8, M1 and L6.

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I would love to win a Clear L2.

My favourite Convoy is my M2 with convoy screw on clip and XPL-HI for a little extra throw.

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I would like a shiny Convoy, I confess I haven’t any, not a one.

I would like one in a boat, or in a moat, but not with a goat.

Please count me in
and many thanks for the GAW


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Please count me in too! My current convoy and the only one that I have is the C8 clear. In fact I have two of the same model. The board was flaky but simon took care of it by sending me a replacement board which is still on its way here. I hope the new L2 clear will not have this issue.

PS: I am having a deja vu right now, I remember doing this…last Christmas…? Shocked

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Edit: Poo, thought i joined before Dec. 1st but such is life. Good luck to all!!

Just ordered my first and fave Convoys last month, two S2+‘s, blue and sand, never would have known about them if i hadn’t started talking to the flashaholics, awesome lights out of the box and awesome little legos if you want to tinker!!! Now i’m looking at all of them since they are such a great value! Instead of looking for a light for my needs, i’m looking for needs so i can justify another Convoy lol!!!

Been looking at the L2 to replace my Big Mag but maybe next time!!!

Should my information be incorrect in the slightest please inform me as i am always learning as well and may not recollect everything properly. ALSO, ANYTHING I WRITE PLEASE TAKE WITH A THOUSAND GRAINS OF SALT AND YOUR OWN LIABILITY, AS YOU SHOULD WITH ALL INFORMATION.

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That is pretty! Looks like bare titanium! I am in! I have S3 and M1 from a while back.

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I'm in, thanks for the giveaway!

I have S2+ and I use it daily.

I also own C8 and I'm waiting for S2+ UV to arrive, so I'm more than satisfied with Simon's flashlights.

I would love to get my hands on L2...

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I’m in, thanks for the giveaway!

I love Convoy L6.

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I want that gleaming beauty in my life! Hope I’m the winner!

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Yeah, I actually have been thinking about getting another L2 for a project I am working on anyways, I would love a clear version. I still have yet to get any Naked lights.

My favorite convoy light would be a toss up between my frankenlight S8 EDC and the convoy L6.

The S8 in my favorite EDC tube light I have found so far, great quality, good looks and the fins do help keep it slightly cooler.

The L6 is just a fantastic light all around, it or the Q8 is my go to general light recommendation for people.

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this one Became my favorite 
I'm in cool

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Wow! In the second photo the L2 is almost as big as the tree. Evil I’d like one of those to go with my lovely S2+ UV light.

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I’m clearly interested in the new L2, and think the new clear finish looks better than the last clear ones. Interested in seeing if any other changes have been made, especially to the driver. I’ve been wanting an L2 to go with my L6 for a while now. I love the flexibility of 1 or 2 cells, but it would be cool if there were some easy mods for the current stock driver to get the current higher, at least when using 2 cells. My favorite Convoy so far is my S2+ with UV Nichia and ZBW2 filter. It’s amazing the things it will show you in the woods on a dark night. Until I got this sweet little S2+ UV, I never even knew we had millipedes in Wisconsin bigger around than a pencil and a few inches long! They really glow in the blacklight!
As an added little fun fact, my great grandfather and I have the same birthday, January 6th, the 12th day of Christmas, his in 1914, and mine in 1981. It was way better than Christmas for me as a kid, celebrating our birthdays together. Smile Smile

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Black flashlights are so hard to find in the dark, quite stupid for a device purposely made to see in the dark !!
Only upside is you can justify another flashlight to find the black ones in the dark Big Smile

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welp I REA*L2*Y want an L2 honestly lool

but I like my S2 due to its crazy waterproofing capabilities after adding extra orings in the groove (mine’s a grey one with xpl hi on smooth reflector)
You can say my S2 is the flashlight with longest lasting runtime even with 8*7135 chips

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Thanks for the giveaway, I’m IN Big Smile

Never owned an L2: never had a clear flashlight – this one will do nicely.

Lights out! That's when things get interesting...

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Im In

Although I just got a black Ano L2 host and built it up , then I took it back apart and gave it a make over stripping sections of the Ano off and leaving others to achieve a pretty nice looking light…….
I wont post any pictures of it here though , because this is not what the thread is for.

I must say this machined finish looks pretty sweet and is totally unique. It would go well with the Convoy L2 , L6 , L4 and clear bead blasted C8 that I already have , to help the family of the Convoy name lights grow in my house.
Whether I win a light or not , I think this is the best looking light that has come out from Convoy to date and it is a winner , whether it goes to full production or not.

Keep up the good work J-Dub and keep the ideas going for the Convoy lights.

Good luck to all who have (or will enter this GW) and Happy Holidays to all.

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