Clearly Convoy Holiday Giveaway Ended. Winners announced!

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Want it beside s2+

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Thanks for the giveaway! Count me in!
(Maybe I’ll come up with something clever later…)

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Definitely want one to add to my Convoy collection!

So far I like my Convoy M1 the most. My C8 with a XPL HI has a bit too focused of a beam for my use and the S2 triple I made just got too hot.
I do have a S8 host in the mail which I will be transplanting the triple build to!

So far I’ve only gotten Convoy hosts and put my own electronics in them. I don’t see a reason to get any of the much more expensive ready made flashlights. The L2 is just what i’m missing from my collection.

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I’ve a Convoy L6 and C8, both are super great. L6 I call Daddy, and C8 I call Baby. A L2 would complete the family.

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That is one pretty light the high resolution picture look really nice. I definitely would like one. My favorite is S2+ in desert sand color.

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Merry Xmas to all! Beer

I haven’t bought one yet but I think the L6 would become my favorite Convoy. It’s nice machining just oozes of great bang for the buck. (damn, I suddenly thinking of self gifting myself of one…)

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I would like a shiny new Convoy light!
My favorite Convoy would be my custom M2, with a Nichia led.

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I really love my S2+ in desert sand colour!

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“Clearly” Convoy flashlights are top notch! I don’t have an L2, let alone a clear Convoy, but it looks great. Currently my favorite Convoy is the black S2+, but I also have a C8 and a UV. And I bought a BD06 for my brother-in-law who loves it.

Thanks for the great GAW J-Dub74!

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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Shiny! I’d like to join this giveaway!

My favorite Convoy light is the XP-L HI C8, the new one with Biscotti. I wish it came in red…

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Would love to be in on this!
My only Convoy is an S2+ UV. It would love some company from the same family.

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Shiny Shiny cool


I've just ordered a clear C8 from Simon, it would look awesome in this new clear. Maybe I'll have to get another if they come out like this yell


Merry Christmas everyone.



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My wife took my loved BD01 because her parking lot at work is not lighted. She is feeling quite secure with the BD01.
But now I need a new Flashlight and I would like to have this one very much – count me in please.

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I’m in, thanks for the giveaway! Thumbs Up

I love my Convoy L6(no modded).

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I don’t always suck up for contests, but when I do, it’s for flashlight contests. Count me in. So far, my favorite Convoy is my red S2+ with the silky smooth metal button. I say “so far” because I don’t have a clear L2….yet.

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Clear Convoy’s…can’t go wrong, will look good next to my clear C8, one of the best looking lights I own

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Been trying to think of something fun and illuminating to say in this thread but have been lacking mental clarity and haven’t had a gleam of inspiration yet. Clearly I will have to settle with a simple I’m in. Facepalm

I know that “technically” I shouldn’t, but I really like the raw/semi-unfinished look with visible machine lines, it has a bit of an industrial and sci-fi look combined, but I can’t imagine why I would like anything like that Wink I would be interested to see how the new ano fares after being scratched and dinged though use, whether it behaves like regular ano or if it peels and/or becomes crazed like clear coat.

Egad! I got so caught up in this new ano that I nearly forgot to mention that the Tusken Raider S2+ is my favourite Convoy. It balances pocketability, flood and throw near perfectly IMO, and the colour speaks for itself.

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A) I want an L2!
B) That finish looks SLICK!
C) I has SO many S2+s floating around, it’s clearly my favorite light. I mod them for everything!

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I like raw finish on metals but their beauty will fade away by the time.
Clear ano is a solution for this, they look fabulous!

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That thing looks damn BEAUTIFUL! Cool

Favorite is gotta be Convoy S2+.

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As a child, all the flashlights were shiny pieces of steel. I definitely need the same thing now. I need one of this Big Smile

I like the M series, probably the most successful is the M2.
But for bare flashlight – a metal button is very suitable.
By the way, cold anodizing is also very beautiful. Pleasant greenish tint, like DQG Tini.

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It should be mandatory to have at least one Convoy to be part of BLF Big Smile LOL

I would love to be the proud owner of a clear L2. So I am certainly in. By the way I guess that clear or bare metal flashlights should be the default color since it is more visible if falls oudoors in dark conditions.

Thanks for the GAW


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Yes put me down for 1 entry please, thank you!
Currently my favourite is the Convoy C8 clear with biscotti FW.

Love gadgets

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ohbreeeezy wrote:
That thing looks damn BEAUTIFUL! Cool

Favorite is gotta be Convoy S2+.

oh yeah!

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I had an S2 that I gave away to a friend that really needed a good light. I’ve had that light since they were first offered for sale. I’ll be getting a new one, of course.

I’d absolutely be cracked up happy to get this light. Thanks for the chance.

Chuck Roxas

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I’ve tried very hard not to post in this thread but I have to mention just a few quick things. Smile My posts of course do not count. Wink

First… I want to tell you all that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the posts in this contest thread. Some very funny and very creative “entries”.

Second… I’ve decided to change one of the rules of eligibility. To be eligible for this contest you no longer need to have been a member before December 1st. If you joined before the 21st when I announced this contest you are in. Reading a post from someone who was not eligible but posted anyway just to say how much they liked and appreciated Convoy changed my mind. That would be new-ish member Finnno in post #9. Nicely done and very much in line with the spirit of BLF. Thumbs Up

I edited the OP to reflect this small change.

Good luck to you all and have a safe and Happy New Year!

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C8 is a nice light but this looks really great! Count me in, thanks! Smile

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Ordered a big thrower , the GT , so i would like a smaller like L2 , and clear finish makes it perfect .

I have a Convoy S2+ with an A6 driver and a xp-l hi v3 3c as my EDC , but love it stock or not .


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I’ll buy one as a soon as it’s available! My favorite is my tan s2. I’ve built several s2 combos and I have 4 more in order just because they are so fun!

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I am in, thanks for the giveaway!
I have clear C8 and S2+ UV. Both are great lights I like for different reasons.