Clearly Convoy Holiday Giveaway Ended. Winners announced!

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My acquaintance with the branded flashlight started with Convoy S2 +, later I got the Convoy C8 Cree XPL H1 U6 3A 993Lm 7135 × 8 which parasized me with its size and range of luminescence.
If I still have L2, my dirty people will die of envy! better I will not show it to him))))))
Looks terrific! Almost stainless steel! I want him! I hope to help Santa Claus! Hallelujah!

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Please include me in the giveaway! I currently have my L2 setup with a XHP50.2 J4 and 2 26350 batteries on a MTN FET. I absolutely LOVE it! Beautiful beam with an incredible amount of light.

I’d definitely like to add a clear anodized L2 to the collection. Maybe open up the reflector a bit and try out a XHP70 Big Smile

Thanks J-Dub for doing a pretty cool giveaway! Beer

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OOOOh! Very pretty! Please enter me in the draw.

My favorite Convoy is my red S2.

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I would love a clear L2!

Out of the Convoys I own, I think S2+ desert tan is my favorite.

Frank A.
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Please count me in!

I have a Convoy C8. Happy New Year!

Frank A.

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Convoy lights are a favorite, especially my C8, clearly I still need to get a L2.

I’d like to enter.

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I only have one Convoy, a gray S2+.
A clear L2 would be awesome.
Count me in.

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My L6 is a constant companion in deep dark Baja Mexico. I own 3 and put them all to good use. Just an awesome light.

I would love to add a clear L2 to my collection as it would make a great companion light to my L6.

Happy New Year and Good Luck to all … Smile

... Happy Landings ...

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Great light, please count me in.
It would be a good fit to my clear S2+ and my polished stainless steel razor

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Not sure if my first post (#110, faves are there) counts or not since my first wasn’t eligible at the time.

Thanks much to Jdub and Finnno for making me eligible now…
thanks to U2 i might win an L2… Beer

What more can i say that hasnt been said clearly already?

Maybe me checking back on this contest even though i wasn’t eligible at the time is clearly enough to show my Convoy love!!!

Should my information be incorrect in the slightest please inform me as i am always learning as well and may not recollect everything properly. ALSO, ANYTHING I WRITE PLEASE TAKE WITH A THOUSAND GRAINS OF SALT AND YOUR OWN LIABILITY, AS YOU SHOULD WITH ALL INFORMATION.

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I like the zing with the new Convoy clear bling, please ring me in for an entry in the GAW.

My favorite Convoy; the L6, I love the beast!


Jack Kellar
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Gotta have some clear silvery bling, homie, where yo colors at? You think you gon find that drab black light when you drop it in the dark? Clear is love, clear is live, clearly enough, son.

Favorite model? Hard to pick among the C8, the S2 and the M1, but I’m gonna have to go with the M1. The feel in the hand and the versatility of it just can’t be beat, and the beam is to die for. Also it fits inside a Thrunite holster Big Smile

Here’s hoping, and glad I saw this thread before the deadline. The sheer relief of finishing university put me in an internet coma, I just wanted to relax and sigh in contentment. Grad

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dear Convoy,
i would be blind whitout you

I have a S2 and a S2+ UV.
Count me in, please.

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J-Dub74 is a funny guy let me tell you, he is asking me if I want a free Convoy light as if he already doesn’t know the answer Big Smile
Would I be here if I don’t Big Smile so just keep them coming…

Favorite Convoy light, probably S2+, whenever I see them for good price I order one, have a dozen already Big Smile


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Convoy bring on the BLING in silver ! 


My favorite Convoy is my C8 Clear, small, excellent thrower and has all the functions I need. 

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I’m in please! Big Smile

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I have many Convoy flashlights but was not a fan of the first version of the clear anodised Convoy’s but man… the new version……. wow…… the L2 in the pictures of the OP looks great! Stunning photos too, especially in high resolution. I saved some of them already on my hard disk… Big Smile

Let it be clear, I’m in. Innocent My favourite Convoy is my C8 8×7135 XPL Hi CW. I just returned from an adventurous motorbike trip through the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia. My C8 served me very well as I reached my destination several times after sunset. Facepalm

Second choice is my L2, third my L6, then my S2 triple. Unfortunately none of them is clear anodised. Smile

Thanks for organizing this giveaway. Thumbs Up

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CLEAR is the new black, so I’m definitely IN for one.

My favorite Convoy thus far has been the C8 – best thrower for the single 18650 form factor, in my opinion.

Thanks for doing this giveaway!

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Shiny, I want in

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It is dark and cold here, need some shiny goodness to get take me away from the winter doldrums, please enter me before I freeze and flicker out like the universe in the far future. my favorite Convoy is my S2+

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My favorite convoy light is my green anodized S2+ but the tan one is pushing hard for that title.
Keep up the great work!

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The nights are cold and clear, I’ll go for a clear L2! I am a big fan of the S2s and L6 myself!

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What a great light, which would fit seamlessly inside my silver car. Please do count me in, this is a heirloom masterpiece

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In this contest, I am. Tired of the Dark Side, too, I am! A lonely C8 my favorite is.

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C8 is my favorite of those that I’ve used. Small enough to carry in a pocket comfortably, and a balanced beam that allows you to illuminate things at 200+ meters, but isn’t too harsh up close.

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Oh, please do. Do count me in.

Out of all my Convoys, I’m partial to the L6.

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ooh, aha , ooh, that finish looks real nice!

I started my flashlight collection with typical Ebay lights
them moved on to SkyRay Kings
(I think are quite good for the price)

I started reading about various lights, batteries, emitters, drivers etc. on budgetlightforum
and geesh guys, you turned me into a flashlight addict!….
I even signed up for the group buy for the “giggles throw light”,
(but don’t tell my wife!)

now I am addicted to lumens and I love the Convoy lights! I now have several Convoy’s, the L6 that I purchase on GB about 6 months ago is my first “real light” and it is my favorite! I also added 3 – S2’+s to my collection, and bought another for my Brother in Law, they are great EDC lights!

I hope I get Luxy and win that great looking L2! …….. Best regards! ………. donttellmywifeiambuyinganotherlight !!

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My favorite must be the S2+ because I have so many of them.  All in different configurations.  Thanks for the opportunity J-Dub and Simon.

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This still open though holidays are over? Good participation either way, and if open, I guess I’m in!

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Convoy? Sound budget light, but great quality. Great host for modding, even great as a stock light.
My favorite convoy is L2 in xpl hi factory dedome and sst40 Dedome.