Olight S1 Mini review (600/450lm, XM-L2/XP-G3 CW, RCR123A)

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Olight S1 Mini review (600/450lm, XM-L2/XP-G3 CW, RCR123A)

This review will be dedicated to a miniature light from Olight, the S1 Mini.
I know that by now there are a lot of reviews posted for this wonderful light(s) but I think the more reviews the better, you might find some data that other reviewers didn’t cover.

So, what’s so special about the light?

1. It’s one of the smallest RCR123A lights there is.
2. There are two versions – one using regular XM-L2 LED, andthe othe is using XP-G3 CW HCRI. That’s unusual choice for HCRI lightm, byt the result is impressive – CRI90.
3. New design, looks very impressive with CRI, brightness and color temperature clear;y specified on the bezel.
4. The usual stuff we are used to get from Olight – 5 year warranty, tailcap magnet, easy to operate, timer.
5. Some clever clip design – now double sided. And the light comes with a usb rechargeable battery – no more proprietary batteries!

Link to the light page on Olight website

User manual download link

Shall we begin?

The light comes in a small black carton box. Please note that you can clearly distinguish the HCRI model, and the not so impressive 450 lumens is not the light greatest feature.
Regarding CRI – I suggest reading WIKI

The light comes with a lanyard, usb cable, user manual and commercial of recent Olight models.

User manual.

Well, the light is really tiny. It’s almost a keyholder light, it’s that tiny. It’s a bit wierd to use at first. you don’t expect that amount of light form such a tiny light.

The battery with micro usb type b port. The battery is being fitted with the positive (+) lead towards the tailcap, as it’s almost always done in tiny Olights.
There is a built in magnet in the tailcap, that cannot be removed. It you want to disable the magnet you can heat the tailcap up, and the magnet will stop working, beware – the operation is irreversible!

Сравнение с S1, H1, Rofis R1 (обзор будет в ближайшее время). Как видите, размер вне конкуренции. Рофис так вообще, кажется что на другом элементе питания работает.
Some comparison with Rofis R1, Olight S1, H1. As you can see the size is really beyond any comparison. Rofis looks like it’s being powered by a larger battery (wrong guess).

The HCRI model differes not only by the LED being used. The optics are different – the HCRI uses a matte optics. The bezel has a HCRI written all over it, and off course there is the bezel.

Tiny lights …

HCRI looks really warm next to the regular model, in spite of it having rather cool light temperature.

Let’s see it in action

CW model. The hotspot is much larger than on the S1, but nevertheless it’s very much defined. No tunnel effect, the light is mega-wide.

HCRI. A really nice light. It’s not warm white, but the colors really look much more natural, on every brightness setting. The hotspot can be distinguished, but it’s not as defined as the regular model has.

Regular model


H1 Neutral White

Conclusion, final words

Well, that’s another fantastic light from Olight. It got the looks, got the specs, got the reputation – looks like a super tough contender to beat.

Comments? Suggestions? Please feel free to write, I will do my best to assist.