Nitecore Tube short review

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Nitecore Tube short review

Dear All,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog (link is external) (link is external, with google translator)

This good old keychain came in blister packs:

The range of accessories is short, with a larger and a smaller diameter key ring.

It’s not very complicated to handle it, it’s just a button.
One click: Turns on low brightness.
Two clicks: High brightness.
One click and continuous push button: adjust the “stepless” dimming.
A long keypress: instant maximum brightness, released off.

Button lock: Turn on a click. After 3 seconds, press and hold the button for approx. 5 seconds. She flash once and shuts off. The button was closed.
Button lock release: Press the button for a long time approx. for 5 seconds, the tube will be switched on at maximum brightness, then the button closure will be released.

I looked at warming, but I did not really experience it. The diagram is made directly from the temperature measured on the LED emitter. The body was just lukewarm.

The Tube arrives assembled, with built-in battery.
Its weight is 9.4 grams, length is 56mm, maximum width is 20.6mm, maximum height at the pushbutton is 9.6mm.
The polycarbonate house looks good quality but will be easy to scratch.
Micro USB charging connector, charging current I measured 0.1A. The loaded capacity I measured on average is 105mAh.

The light is best used indoors. I compared the Light of Lumintop Tool AAA:

Essentially, a very useful keychain flashlight with a moderate price. Quality and UI are good, and I think it’s a great gift too.

You can buy these:
Nitecore TUBE on BangGood
Nitecore TUBE on GearBest

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