18650, 26650 rechargeable name brand feedback?

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18650, 26650 rechargeable name brand feedback?

Hey guys, I am looking to buy some rechargeable and need some feedback from you “ PROS “ here. Here’s the ones that I have interest.

Name Brand

Streetwise 18650 3.7 V 3800mAH

Digital Energy World (DE) 26650 Battery ( Flat Top) 3500mAh 3.7V

Digital Energy World ( DE ) 18650 Batteries (Button Top) 3.7V 2000mAh

I will add to list once I have access. Please advise. Thanks.

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I can tell you for certain there is no 3800 mAh 18650. Right now, the Sanyo 18650-GA and the Samsung 35-E are boasting around 3500 mAh and is testing are recording around 3350-3370 (extremely good) and are rated at 10 amps +.
I would steer completely clear of any battery company with inflated claims like this “streetwise” or the Fire brands.
Liitokala 26650s and Sockli 26650s are running 5000 mAh + and over 20 amps. They are very reasonable in price and availability so why would you go with a brand unknown? The digital energy world (which I have never heard of) seem to have very unimpressive mAh ratings….

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Thanks wstrachan. I know some people selling some and figured I’d ask you pro guys here. The reason I went with Streetwise 18650 is because of another product.

They produce a baseball bat style type of flashlight that comes with 2 18650 battery and charger in package. Sold on an American defensive/personal tool safety website in TN. Hence I ask so I can buy extra battery.

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the de stuff are at least truthfully rated.
i wound up with a bunch of them from radioshack closing sales and tested them.
those bat lights are dirt cheap on many chinese sites so make sure you are not overpaying.
just as i thought.
$5 china stuff at stupid prices.

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I always check here first before buying any batteries I dont know.
This is his comparator for 18650. He has also tested several 26650’s.
Usually those exaggerated mah claims are about the worst batteries you can buy. Not saying those you mentioned are but thats usually the way it goes. Some may fudge a little but when they rate the mah so far off the charts of any known battery, it’s usually crap.

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Hmm, it was either the 16340 or 18350 from DE that I tested not too long ago, and it came back slightly over the rated capacity (Opus ’3100).

I got a 26650, pair of 18350s, and a 16340. Should put them all through the wringer to test ‘em…

The 26550’s in either my DV-S9 or F13, the 16340’s in my Jet-II, and the 18650s are just sitting in their case.

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