Fandyfire Warrior replacement

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Fandyfire Warrior replacement

Hi all,

Have not been on the forum for a while, so not sure what is available these days…

I was wondering if there is a light similar to the Warrior, that has multiple leds, but has a dimmable mode too, so you can access a mode that is fairly low, and not start out with blinding high if you need it in the middle of the night? ( And preferably long enough to take protected batteries…)

Similar price point too, say $35 or thereabouts?


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BLF Q8 is great budget for now(may be) . Wait for other guys answer.

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BLF Q8 may be a bit more expensive,
but it has way more output, great LED tint

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flit, the Q8 is a GREAT option. I own a warrior and have actually never liked the heatsinking. The Q8 is BLF built by flashoholics so is pretty darn good. (EDIT, sorry about the triple post, no idea what happened. )

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