Button vs flat top / protected compatibility list?

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Button vs flat top / protected compatibility list?

Are there any posts that list which battery types tend to work with which manufacturers?

If you had to buy only 1 type of 18650 that would be most likely to be compatible with lots of batteries, which would you get? (I’m assuming non-protected and button top? maybe flat top?)

I know:

- some zebra lights can’t fit protected
- some nitecore lights require button tops

Any other good general warnings? Would you say button tops or flat tops are more compatible across the recommended lights on here?

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In my fairly limited experience I have found that button tops are a pretty safe bet. The majority of my 18650 batteries are Samsung 30Q (Unprotected) button tops and I have not had any compatibility issues. Having said that, you need to be aware and make sure that you do NOT over discharge your Unprotected cells in your lights even if the light has a protection circuit built in

As for a list, I am not aware of one.