[Short Review] Thorfire TK18

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[Short Review] Thorfire TK18

Wanted to post this shorty review of my new 18650 Thorfire TK18 I on bought on Amazon.
Robo819 has a much more in depth review of it . http://budgetlightforum.com/node/58395

I will get a runtime graph LVP posted up later this evening.

Tail switch for off/on and momentary. Two group modes. Default is ramping up and down, and with 4 quick clicks of the side switch, it switches to L-M-H-T. Keep clicking and it reverses back T-H-M-L. As advertised Low is a useful 3lm, and Turbo 1200. As Robo pointed out, the ramping is very slow.

This light is impressively machined.

Fully charged is green, half is orange, and low charge turns the indicator red. The light also has low voltage protection and the light shuts off when below 2.8v. Reverse polarity protection works perfect. Protects both the driver and the battery.

Although I have not tried a dunk test, the o-rings appear to be in the right places. There is one between the reflector and the glass, and one that sits on a shelf that surrounds the reflector. And of course on both ends of the battery tube.

The emitter is a neutral white XP-L, and I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of these. (I did have an Acebeam EC35 with an XPL-HD that was outstanding with no tint shift). There is a slight yellow corona that extends out from the hotspot. It seems a little less evident with the AR lens removed. I’ve found this on other lights as well like the Wuben Triple XP-G3. The beam was considerably better without the AR lens. Don’t know why manufacturers insist on AR lenses. Not convinced they actually do anything.

You can see the hint of yellow in the beamshot

The OP reflector is really nice quality, quite beefy, and produces a nice even flood.

Over all, I like this light a lot. Will change the emitter out though.

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