I Need a New Light For Work, Help!

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Lightbringer wrote:
jf_smm wrote:
That’s probably a great choice, I can’t say for sure since I don’t have that one. I use 3 fenix lights for work with the same form factor (2 buttons etc.) and set up several coworkers with them over the years. Only 1 failure but it was an extreme abuse failure. The guy was flipping the light up and catching it…except he missed. Fenix still honored the warranty and sent him a new head right away.

Hope they included a new brain, too.

Oh, wait, you mean the flashlight’s head…

LOL shoulda worded that one a little differently. Since he reads this too I’ll go ahead and state that his brain is fine but there’s a lifelong coordination issue. Facepalm He suggests that anyone claiming to have an indestructible product should send him one for a few months and see what happens to it.