(Even Shorter) Another Thorfire TK18 review

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(Even Shorter) Another Thorfire TK18 review

A few members have already posted reviews on this light with Robo819 And RobertB leading the pack, with very in dephth writeups that i will not even attempt to match. Im going to simply paste my review where i ordered the light to this post. Its more of a non-flashoholic review.Disclaimer: I was given this flashlight by Thorfire for review. I am the owner of various flashlights all in different price ranges and functionality in my daily life. I don’t like abusing my expensive lights with daily use and some of them are not designed for everyday run of the mill use. At the moment I keep a Thorfire TK15s at my desk, as I work in a huge 2 story theater that was converted into a church i use it daily when i go from one section to another. The place is empty during the week so all the lights are out. I liked the light and it will replace my TK15s on my desk. The tint is not overly warm, but not pure white which i like for my application. The machining and look of the light is very nice looks good on my desk. Also, the key point on this light is the ramp feature. It lets you dial in the exact brightness you want and memorizes it until you decide to readjust it. I also liked the LED on the switch, shows battery status. Runtime on an 18650 was good. I personally have not had any problems with my THOREFIRE products. For the price and I’ve seen some discount codes being posted, you get your moneys worth. Here is discount 20% off promo code for TK18: 3VSIRROL

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