Free shipping option from Gearbest

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Free shipping option from Gearbest

Hi BLFers

Since i have found BLF i also found Gearbest, where i have made multiple (approx 20) orders until now.

What about the free shipping option from Gearbest, doesn’t it exist anymore?

If an item was not too expensive, sometimes i took a gamble and chose the free shipping option, which was fun because sometimes you could get some items for a really low price.

Lately i see several items which i have bought with the free shipping, only now it is offered with unregistered shipping, but with a shipping fee for at least 2 USD.
For a few cents more you could choose the registered option.

It seems i always have to pay for shipping nowadays, while earlier on i regularly chose the free shipping option.

Is this a new strategy from Gearbest?

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Unfortunately, I think they are reacting to the global market. Pressure from other countries, are catching up, forcing them to increase prices. I know the US postal system is increasing pressure, likely do to drug traffic. Or maybe just a sign of the times.


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Their pricing philosophy includes price of P&P, of course, and they are fully aware of it

this is not an extraordinary phenomenon

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In last twee weeks I ordered 8 times at GB and I choose the “Registered Netherlands” option for +/- €0.30 more than normal shipment. First order came in 9 days and second in 10 days with and if you have the app you will get a message when they will come next day.

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I also see that free shipping in Gearbest its and exception nowadays… Some time ago almost everything have Free shipping.

For cheap things the shipping fee kill the deal… Gearbest gradualy increase the prices and now aren´t as cheap as in the past.. coupons and “flash deals” included.