(Review) Litesam PS16

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(Review) Litesam PS16

I received the Litesam PS16 flashlight for evaluation purposes. I’d like to thank Litesam for the opportunity.

Litesam Amazon Store

At 5.47 inches in length and a head diameter of 1 inch, the PS16 is a very strong contender for an every day use flashlight that can take what nature dishes out. Easily capable of being carried in your pocket, or in the included holster, the PS16 is a complete kit right out of the box.

PS16 flashlight
Litesam branded 18650 battery (2600 mAh)
Clip (removable)
Spare O-rings
Spare tail cap cover
USB cord
Owner’s manual
5 year Warranty

The first thing I noticed (upon taking the PS16 out of its box) is the aggressive knurling on the body and side of the tail cap (a design shared with all 3 Litesam products that I’ve had in hand). That knurling provides excellent grip and helps convey a very masculine “I can take whatever you dish out” look to the flashlight.

The PS16 has a heft to it – not heavy by any means, but it has that well machined quality tool feel to it. The finish is a superb semi-gloss black anodizing, with a smooth even application over the entire surface of the flashlight.

The reflector is smooth (metal filmed) and fairly deep for the overall size of the PS15. The lens is tempered, filmed, glass for high light transmission (and resistance to impacts). The head features an anti-roll design, with relatively deep heat grooves. The side switch is metal (a favorite of mine) and slightly raised to aid finding it in darkness. The side switch has very good feedback, with a slight audible sound when pressed and released. Surrounding the side switch is a metal ring; between the two are led lights that serve to keep the user informed on the status of the battery. Opposite the side switch is the charging port – covered in a tight fitting rubber cap.

The tail has a U-shaped cut out on the end, making it easier to activate the tail switch. The tail switch has a rubber cover and provides excellent feedback when pressed and released (there is an audible click). I find the tail switch to have excellent resistance – any more and it would be too stiff, any less and it would be too loose. Due to its design, the PS16 is not capable of tail-standing (especially not when the included lanyard is attached).

Both the head and the tail cap are removable. The threads are very well cut (square cut) and nicely lubricated (as received). Inside the tail cap is a stout gold colored spring; with the head having a contact point (for the positive end of the battery).


Cree XP-L
Maximum brightness – 1380 Lumens
Maximum distance – 245 meters
Maximum run time – 120 hours

High strength aerospace aluminum body
Military spec hard anodizing
Anti-roll housing
Coated, tempered, glass lens (high light transmission)
Metal filmed reflector (high intensity beam)

Rechargeable (USB cord included)
Battery status indicator
Low power warning
Battery over discharge protection
Can use 1 18650 battery (rechargeable) or 2 CR123A batteries

3 regular modes
3 special modes

Mode memory
Temporary ON

IPX8 – waterproof to 2 meters
Impact resistant – 2 meters

5 year warranty


The tail cap turns the flashlight ON/OFF. Press/release the tail cap to turn the flashlight ON/OFF. Half-press the tail cap to turn the flashlight ON momentarily (will turn on in last regular mode used). Modes can be changed while in momentary on – half-press tail switch while using side switch to change modes.

The side switch controls the modes. Press/release the side switch to cycle through the regular modes – low, medium, high, low, etc.. The PS16 will turn on in the last regular mode used.

Low Mode – 30 Lumens, can run for up to 120 hours
Medium Mode – 300 Lumens, can run for up to 3.8 hours
High Mode – 1380 Lumens, can run for up to 1.5 hours

Special modes are entered by pressing/holding side switch while the flashlight is on. Press and hold the side switch (roughly 1 second) to enter strobe mode. From strobe mode, press/hold side switch to enter SOS mode. From SOS mode, press/hold side switch to enter Beacon mode (not listed in the owner’s manual).

From the special modes, press/release the side switch to go back to the last used regular mode. There is no mode memory for the special modes; if turned off while in a special mode, the flashlight will turn back on in the last used regular mode (low, medium, or high).

Battery Status – Press/hold the side switch then click the tail switch. Release the side switch and count the flashes (on side switch). Green flashes indicate volts, red flashes indicate 1/10 of a volt. Example: 3 green flashes followed by 6 red flashes equals 3.6 volts.

Low power warning – side switch will blink green (slowly) when voltage is less than 3.4. Side switch will blink red (quickly) when the battery is less than 3.0V.

When the battery has less than 10% of capacity remaining, the output will go to the low setting to prevent over discharge of the battery.

Charging the battery – plug micro usb into port on flashlight, plug other end of usb cord into a power source. The side switch will blink red while charging and turns green once the battery is fully charged.


More of a throw beam, the PS16 does have a good amount of spill. There is a definite hot spot in the center of the beam. This flashlight puts out a lot of light. It has a very nice beam and gives the user decent peripheral vision. The light temperature is a bit cooler than neutral (for my eyes anyway) but not cold. I’m a bit surprised by the throwing ability of this flashlight – it’s very good for a flashlight of this size.


I’d like to see a moonlight setting on the PS16. I think that would make an excellent flashlight even better, but there is a lot to really like as is.

I think the build quality is on par (or better) with the more expensive competitors (for this category of flashlight) – including some of the more well known brands. The PS16 carries easily, feels great in my hand, and it puts out a lot of usable light. I think it is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts, general users and those needing an every day use flashlight.

At $44.99 for a complete kit (everything needed) and a 5 year warranty, the Litesam PS16 is a tough act to beat. I highly recommend the PS16.

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I’m wondering if anyone else noticed this about the switch on this light:

Although I love the wide flat metal switch, unfortunately I hate the feel/feedback of this switch. On my Litesam version the switch is a bit sloppy, klunky and rough and has too much travel before it activates, it’s just not “precise” and smooth feeling like other e-switches, and it makes the mode switching seem “slow” or “delayed” too.

Olight, Crelant, Thorfire, On The Road, Thrunite, Nitecore, all my other e-switch lights have much better feeling switches, more smooth and precise. It’s really the only complaint I have so far with this light, but it’s a big one for me. I hate it.

I’m wondering if I got a bad one or it’s just how they are, anyone else with a Litesam, a Fitorch or Vollsion (or BORUiT) notice this too?