6 year old rechargeable drill battery, safe to charge?

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6 year old rechargeable drill battery, safe to charge?

Hi guys,

I have a rechargeable battery for a cheap 12v black & decker drill that’s been sitting in storage for 5 years.

Given that it is lithium ion and may be deeply discharged at this point, is there any risk to start charging it?
I’d be careful not to let it sit too long on the charge, but am more concerned about the initial charge state. Wouldn’t want to start a fire or anything!

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I used a Bosch rechargeable drill recently that I hadn’t used for a couple of years, and both batteries charged up fine. I expect the management system in the battery stops it from discharging to an unsafe level, but I’m not certain.

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AKAIK, those packs have built-in protection circuits in them. If one of the cells is damaged over overly-discharged, it likely will refuse to charge. But, I’d charge it somewhere safe, just to be sure.