[Sale] SRK/Q8 2S/4S Buck drivers and Tail boards

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[Sale] SRK/Q8 2S/4S Buck drivers and Tail boards

I got today some boards that are for Q8s with 6 or 12V Emitters
XHP35 builds now possible

2S/4S Buck driver up to 8A output 6-12V
can be easily modded to 2S/2P with one cut and 2 bridges

Tail Boards 2/4S
those are dirt cheap, no ENIG
1$ for two just raw as they are on the board, cut out, sanded with a set of jumpers 3$ for 2
1.2$ shippingh up to 20g weight
2$ up to 50g

2S/4S driver up to 14A

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They look good Lexel. Unfortunately I have to many drivers and to little time. Sad


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