Replacement for Manker E11???

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Replacement for Manker E11???

Lost my Manker E11 recently Crying ; it was an awesome light. I recommended it to my friend, but when his arrived I noticed the packaging and logo was different, and also the “head” was glued together to the body… I wonder if I should get another E11 (the previous version hopefully) or find a different 14500/AA capable light? Thanks for any suggestions!


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Take a look on these threads:

There are some suggestions of good AA/Ni-MH/14500 lights!

The closest to the Manker E11 are Utorch UT01 and Lumintop EDC05, but there are other nice lights around Thumbs Up

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Might want to first state what you didn’t like about the E11, and then try and find something that doesn’t have those flaws