Giveaway Closed-ASTROLUX "X" 21700 Flashlight -Which Astrolux product satisfied you the most? let us know what you think of it

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I bought Astrolux a01
Beautiful lighttongue-out



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I have S41

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ofc it’s mf-01, 78$, 12 nichia 219c, i cant ask for anything more

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My BLF A6 (Astrolux S1) is my favorite from Astrolux. Thumbs Up

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I own Astrolux M02, my favorite keychain light.


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My favorite is the astrolux s41.

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I didn’t realize i have so many Astrolux lights until you ask. Big Smile

A01, K01, S1, S3, SS, SC, Ti3A, S41, S41S, S42 and MF-01… the latter being my most powerful light at the moment – especially after getting it modded by Lexel with a Texas-Ace driver and Narsil.

Although i appreciate the quality and affordable price of Astrolux lights, the S42 was a disaster IMO and i’m sad the A01 isn’t what it used to be anymore (cold tint and next mode memory UI).

I already bought two Samsung 21700 48G in anticipation of the “X”… Evil

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I have many astrolux lights, S1, S2, S41s, S41c, s42… but the light I use every day(night) and take with me on all vacations is “Astrolux K1 CRI Nichia 219C +365nm UV+Red LED 300LM “ I liked this light so much that i bought eight of them to give my kids and wife and best friend. On my light (and my best friend’s) i attached a tritium 3mm x 22.5mm titanium fob so that it is easily found in the dark. Being older with sleep issues I am up and about after the wife is asleep and the red led option is perfect for navigating around without waking anyone up. It resides on my bedstand with my S42c with lighted switch kit for a brighter option. btw, the switch kit with no alterations put out a low blue glow that is just right for the bedroom, whereeas the astrolux SC that I have is way to bright!


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I really like my S1, it’s pretty powerful AND it looks good.

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I own the Astrolux S1 and the Astrolux A01. The S1 is definitely is one of the best and one of my most used flashlight: awesome UI, beautiful neutral tint, large hot-spot with enough spill, amazing output. The only complaint is i wish it could have been built better in term of quality for example: thicker body, better pocket clip, real IPX8 water-proofness,…And for the Astrolux A01, nice little light, beautiful Nichia emitter and again, the only complaint i have is about quality. It’s a great concept and a great flashlight but not very reliable: the light flickers when you shake it, the o-ring is teared because of the threads being a litle too big and the driver is not that good in term of maintaining the output. Conclusion: I love your flashlights but please improve the quality of your lights.

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I have not yet bought any astrolux flashlight but this will probably change in the future. I think that it’s value for money is good! I am waiting for its new models.

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The fresh oven baked S41 is my favorite so far.

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Thanks for the giveaway, count me in.
My favorite Astrolux is the S42, great looks and good features.

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Astrolux S1 was my first then A01, followed by BLF version S3 and Yesterday I ordered the S41S. The A01 i gave as a gift, but im very happy with all of them. Cant wait to get the S41S

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All old Astrolux made by Manker were great, after that I think quality and design of most Astrolux is horrid (just an example : original A01 was nice – now it is garbage). S41/S42 is nowhere near as good as real Manker E14 /E14 II ….. Crown

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Favourite is probably the S41s, just love the hefty solid feel of it, the look of it and the stupidly bright output for its size.

Also love my MF01, crazy output at half the price of pretty much anything comparable.

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I like my Astrolux MF01 very much !

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What a great gwa, thanks BG/Astrolux – my MF01 is the best light I ever had! it is fun and reliable

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Astrolux S41 (Nichia)

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I own a blf a6 (s1)
To be honest I never felt it to be reliable enough to carry. After that I never bought another astrolux.

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I own the Astrolux S1 and the Astrolux S41 and frequently carry the S1 with the short 18350 tube. It’s just a great size to output ratio. I use the S41 with the quad nichia leds when I’m cooking outdoors at night on the grill or need a great smooth beam with an awesome tint.
It is a bit heavy with all that shiny copper goodness for pants pocket carry, but not bad in a belt holster or coat pocket. It’s hard to choose a favorite between the two.
Good luck with the new website/marketing for Astrolux, and thanks for the giveaway. Thumbs Up

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Thanks for the giveaway.

Astrolux S42 is the only one I’ve purchased.

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I've got an Astrolux C8 as my EDC

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Love my MF01 and S1

Good luck to all


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My favorite is the S1. It’s a great light and a fantastic value.

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My favourite is my son’s Astrolux C8 – up until I saw his, my fave was my S3

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My BLF A6/S1 on the right: (lots of modes to choose from, plenty bright too.)

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Thanks BG for the giveaway !

I own a S42 and a MF01.
The MF01 with Nichia LEDs is my favourite!

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The one that satisfied me most was the Astrolux A01 (copper)


Please do not glue/seal the threads of the flashlights
I want to buy an MT02 but it has the threads glued

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I just picked up an S1 and love it , thanks for the giveaway!