Giveaway Closed-ASTROLUX "X" 21700 Flashlight -Which Astrolux product satisfied you the most? let us know what you think of it

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Astrolux S1

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I have the Astrolux MF01, S42, A01, K01, and planning to get the MF03 and MF05 when they are released. Astrolux light looks good and have great specs but the user interface can use a lot of improvements. The S42 has the worst UI I’ve seen which is a pity because the quad emitter light is so beautiful and has USB charging. The MF01 also doesn’t have a great user interface. I sent mine to Lexel for a driver swap. However, he said all of the new Astrolux flashlights are glued, which makes it very difficult to mod.

Astrolux, please don’t use glue in your flashlights because a lot of people here buy flashlights to modify.

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Astrolux S1

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I love Astrolux S1 and A01 copper.

A01 has a great tint and always sits in my pocket (even now). Also great for gifts as powered by standard alkaline.

S1 – taking it in my backpack when needed.

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Have the A6, E01, and E02. Love them all of course. Carry the A6 quite often and love the sheer simplicity of the E01 and E02.

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My S41 is very nice Smile

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Just bought 1 Astrolux in process of testing. Please enter me in contest. Thanks.

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The BLF A6 was my first 18650 light. Easily still one of my favorites.

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Made my first purchase from Banggood this month and bought the Astrolux S1 and the Astrolux C8. I like the S1 because it is compact and has a good flood which is perfect for hiking

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I get the most satisfaction when double clicking the MF01 to turbo, Crazy Yikes! Though, the K1 is a quite useful keychain light. Pretty bright. The UV light is effective enough at close range to check cash money

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I like the Astrolux s1 the most.
Made two triples out of it and dedomed one.
I have also got a s42, A01 and an M02.

Everything is moddable!

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I’ve had the S1 the longest, so it’s had a lot of use. Have an M02 EDC’ed on keys, so always on hand. Awesome lights!
Also have A01 aluminum and in copper, S1, M02, S3, MF01, built many lights with A6 & X6 drivers, etc.
Would love to see a full copper 18650 or 21700 host or light, whether S1 or S2 size. for some added heft and thermal properties.

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BLF A6 was the very first flashlight that I modded (spring bypass). Years later, I still carry it.

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I have an S42 and a copper A01. My favorite is A01.

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I own both the S1 & A01 (BLF versions). Very pleased with both.

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I won MF01 and C8.
Love them…

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Astrolux S1, M01 and S42

Great quality for a cheap price!

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i purchase astrolux S1 and S41 when they were on group buy, EDC the S1 but a shelf queen for S41

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I love my Astrolux S1. Compared to the Zanflare F1 its a lot smaller and seems more sturdy with better tint.

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I bought the mf 01 it’s great for walks at night. As I walk on the beach. Very floods and love the breathing light. Easy to find in the dark. UI is easy 2tap turbo is awesome for quick blinding light in a pinch. Highly recommended.

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i like my s2 and s3.
you should put the s3 head on a 18650 tube

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Hello dear friends,


Thanks again for your participation and kind sharing!!!


Now it's time to public the winners (Your post number is is your lucky number):

1. The prize for this giveaway is 1 pcs Astrolux K1



2. Let us check the winners through

1) The First Winner

2)The Second Winner


Congratulations to  #72. gregor and #109. bmwsancho

Please PM US and get your prize soon!!


Thanks again.

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Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for that giveaway BG!

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Congrats Big Smile
Thanks, Banggood. I’m looking forward to the next GAW.

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congrats to the winners! Thanks BG!

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Congratulations to the winners.
Thanks Banggood!

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Congrats to the winners!

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Congrats to the winners and thank you BG for the GAW.

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Thanks for the GAW BG and Congrats fellas