[REVIEW] Nitecore P30 (1000lm, 95500cd, 618m ANSI, XP-L HI, 18650)

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[REVIEW] Nitecore P30 (1000lm, 95500cd, 618m ANSI, XP-L HI, 18650)

Hello everyone, today I will review the Nitecore P30 which was kindly provided to me by Banggood (link with my referral), whom I thank for the trust granted to me.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 578)

CLICK HERE to go to the official page of the product on the Nitecore website.

I want to clarify that my reviews are made at an amateur level and without the aid of scientific instruments or tests in cutting-edge secret laboratories and therefore, among the lines that follow, there will also be my humble impressions.

Official features:

- utilizes a CREE CP-L HI V3 LED
high efficiency constant current circuit provides maximum output up to 1000 lumen
- Precision Digital Optic Technology (PDOT) ensures superior beam uniformity
maximum throw up to 618 metres
side switch designed for tactical application provides wasy access to 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes
memory function (excluding SOS and Beacon)
- built-in power indicator reports battery voltage (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4)
- Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module automatically adjusts brightness according to operating temperature to maintain optimal performance
electric reverse polarity protection
- aerospace grade aluminium alloy construction
- titanium plated pocket clip
- mineral optic lens with anti-reflective coating
- HAIII hard anodising
- waterproof in accordance with IPX8 (2 metres submersible)
- impact resistant to 1,5 metre

Where to buy it

The flashlight can be purchased at a great price from the Banggood website. CLICK HERE (link with my referral) to go to the product page on the store and send me a PM , if interested, to get the discount code

The package and the accessories

The flashlight comes inside a rectangular cardboard box. On the front, in addition to the name of the brand and of the model, stands out the photo of the flashlight with the meters next to it (expressed in ANSI) reachable by the light beam and the maximum output that can be delivered.
The few words below make us understand the skills of this compact hunting flashlight that can illuminate long distance!

On the back there is a description of the product along with informations about the company. There is also the CE certification and the QR code that leads to the product page on the Nitecore website.

On one of the two sides there are the prominent features of this P30 and the list of accessories included in the package and the optional ones.

On the other side there are generic images that indicate the possible uses of the flashlight.

Once we have extracted all the contents from the package, we will have:

- the P30
- the adapter for the two CR123A (included in the flashlight)
- the scabbard
- the metal pocket clip
- the wrist strap
- a plastic ring that helps in the cigar grip and allows you to attach the wrist strap
- a plastic rubber pad as a replacement for the tail button
- 2 O-rings of different diameter and thickness
- the manual in English
- the warranty card

The scabbard supplied is cordura and, to the touch, looks good.

Has a opened bottom

and the closure is entrusted to a strong velcro. To notice that, at the flap that rises, there is a tongue that facilitates the opening.

The P30, due to its head, can be placed in the scabbard only in the following way. Although the bottom is opened, the flashlight tail does not escape.

On the back there is a metal D-ring

and two large loops, one of which with Velcro.

A small flap with the Nitecore logo is sewn under the second loop.

To end with this paragraph, here is the manual that can be viewed and downloaded for free from the Nitecore website by clicking HERE

The flashlight

The P30 is a Nitecore flashlight with an excellent size/throw ratio.
It can be powered either by 1x18650 or 2xCR123A (this is explained by the presence of the adapter seen above). However, it is not possible to use 2x16340 because, as said in instructions, the flashlight supports a maximum voltage of 6.4V.
The flashlight body is almost entirely made of aluminum except for the two keys and the lens.
The general shapes do not have too aggressive edges. At the top there are grooves designed to improve dissipation and grooves that have both an aesthetic and practical function as they dampen any slight rolling.
The body and the tail, from the size of a classic cigar-shaped, have a rhomboidal knurling. The word Nitecore and the "hot" symbol on this side

and the writing P30 with the CE and RoHS certifications, together with the serial number, do not present any burrs.

At the bottom of the deep SMO dish there is is the small CREE XP-L HI LED with a non-dominant CW color. The LED is surrounded by a black LED's trimmer.

Above all there is a large glass with a visible anti-glare treatment, protected from shocks by a slightly pronounced and well-spaced crenellation.

The button on the head (electronic) is maded by semitransparent rubber, material that allows the blue light to pass through the light from an indicator placed underneath. Pressing it, we interact with the UI and its run is short and not very noisy.
It has a rectangular shape with rounded corners, in the middle there is the word MODE and above and below the inscription there are some protuberances that increase the grip.

Looking sideways at the key, you can see that the key is not flush with the flashlight body.

The central part of the body has two grooves that allow you to insert the pocket clip
Zoom in (real dimensions: 578 x 1024)

but, due the size of the head, we can not put it facing the tail. The pocket clip has a good grip on the clothes of a sufficient thickness.

Between the body and the tail there is a third groove, smaller than those for the clip, which allows you to insert the ring for the cigar grip. Obviously, to be able to put it, you have to unscrew the tail.

The ring also has a hole for inserting the wrist strap and, due its shape, counteracts the rolling on the inclined surfaces.

For those who were wondering, this is the cigar grip, is an alternative way to intervene with the button on the tail.

For those who do not want to give up the advantages of the clip, I inform you that it can also be inserted with the ring.

The (mechanical) button on the tail is nice protruding, it is easily found with the thumb, has a medium stroke and a nice sound click but not too noisy. Due of its conformation you can not put the flashlight in the tail stand.

The N of the Nitecore is present on the end of the tail button. All around there are protuberances that improve the grip.
Remember that a spare button is supplied if this should be damaged.

The P30 can be dismantled into three sections. The central part has two threads of different diameters (so there is no danger of screwing them in the wrong way) that will arrive well greased, making everything run smoothly. At the base of the threads there are two O-rings, whose spare parts are part of the accessories, that offer a water resistance according to the IPX8 standard.
The flashlight body is very spacious, even the largest 18650 come in without problems. A NOT protected, due the more compact dimensions, "dances" slightly inside the compartment but nothing to worry about.

At the positive pole there is a golden and raised contact, enough to make me use a NON PROTECTED FLAT TOP without problems.

On the negative pole, instead, there is a double golden spring and, on the sides, there are two holes that allow you to unscrew and access the button and replace the rubber.

How does it work

The Nitecore P30 has 8 selectable levels, of which 5 normal and 3 special (the STROBO, the SOS and the BEACON).

According to the official data, the normal levels (tested with 1x18650 of 3400 mAh and 2xCR123A of 1700mAh) have the following characteristics:

- Turbo -> 1000 lumens for 1 hour with the 18650 or 45 minutes with 2xCR123A
- High -> 400 lumens for 3 hours with the 18650 or 2 hours with 2xCR123A
- Mid -> 220 lumens for 5 hours with the 18650 or 3 hours with 2xCR123A
- Low -> 70 lumens for 17 hours with the 18650 or 10 hours and 15 minutes with 2xCR123A
- Lower -> 1 lumen for 680 hours with the 18650 or 340 hours with the 2xCR123A

Turning ON/Off/MomentaryON

A single, and complete, pressing of the button in the tail turns the flashlight on or off.
When switched off, with a long press on the button in the tail, we use the momentaryON at the previously set level.

Change levels

Once the flashlight is on, simply hold the button on the head of the flashlight to cycle the levels in ascending order. The flashlight has memory and will remember the last level selected.
We can change levels even if we use the momentaryON.
There are no shortcuts of any kind for a quick access to the Turbo or the Low, you have to cycle from time to time.


You can access special levels ONLY with the flashlight on.
Pressing one second the button on the body will turn on the Strobo, other pressures of one second will let us access the SOS and BEACON and will continue in loop until we exit the special levels.
A single click on the body button will make us return to normal levels.
The STROBO only has memory and will be recalled if we switch off.

Indicator and warning of remaining charge

With this P30 you can know precisely the residual voltage of the battery
When the light is off, press and immediately release the button on the body and the one in the tail to flash the blue indicator under the button of the body. If we have a charged battery, then 4.2v, the indicator will flash 4 times and, after a short pause, it will do another 2; if we have 3.7v, it will flash 3 times and then 7. After indicating the voltage, the LED will light up.

When we are using the flashlight instead, the indicator below the key will flash slowly when the charge is less than 50% and will flash quickly when the charge is less than 10%.

Here is the indicator on as it appears.

ATR system

The ATR system is nothing but a way for the flashlight to safeguard itself, thanks to a temperature sensor, from the possible excessive heat produced by the Turbo level. In unfavorable conditions, which therefore do not favor the correct dissipation of the flashlight, the highest level is weakened. The ATR system will be observed in operation in the graph of the discharge curves.

Dimensions: weights and dimensions

The Nitecore P30 is 14.10 cm long and has a minimum diameter of 2.20 cm and a maximum of 5 cm (excluding the button).
It weighs 168 gr without anything and 174g if we also consider the clip and the ring. With the further addition of a 18650 it reaches 220 gr.

Here is the dimensional comparison with a big BIC lighter and a 18650,

the lighter is putted on the head to make it clear how big it is.

Comparison also with the Olight M2T and M2R,

with the Eagtac G25C2

and with the Klarus XT12GT and XT11GT.

Of the last 3 flashlightes, also the comparison of circumference ... also seen the greater diameter of the head.

Lumens, runtimes, candles and beamshot

NB The tests to follow were made with 18650 NOT protected and FLAT top of the LG, model HG2 . Everything was done in a home environment at 18 ° with and without forced ventilation.

The following values were taken with the 18650 charge and are considered peak .

The following values were taken with the 18650 charge and are considered peak .

NB The discharge curves are obviously indicative, the result could vary in positive or negative depending on the batteries used by the end user or the conditions of use that may vary from mine during my tests.

Any slight discrepancies related to the tests carried out on the same level can be attributed to a different positioning of the measuring equipment.

The following values were taken with the 18650 charge and are considered peak .

The following picture was taken at a distance of 40 cm from the wall.

Beam width

Beamshot at the Turbo, High, Mid and Low levels. The tree line is 25 meters away. The spill, with the spot facing the infinity on the horizontal plane, starts from about 1 meter and a half from the feets.

The cottage is 70 meters away. The levels used are the same as before.

The trees at the bottom are about 150 meters away. Levels used: Turbo, High and Mid.

Slope of the illuminated hill at a distance of about 260 meters with only the Turbo level.

Personal considerations

This Nitecore P30 turned out to be a small flashlight, light and very devoted to shooting. Its 1000 lumens arrive where few others can. Often, for these distances, we must orient ourselves on flashlightes much more cumbersome.

Obviously the P30 is aimed at that kind of users who need to illuminate well at a long distance. Using it to look near us, can be counterproductive because its beam is too small.

The flashlight comes with a nice set of accessories but without batteries and a possible charging circuit. So, if you do not own them, the 18650 (or the CR123A) will have to be purchased separately together with a charger. I recommend, that they are reliable!

I have not found any faults in this flashlight.
The button to change the levels placed on the head I did not find it uncomfortable if helded normally, it can be difficult to find if we wear gloves.
Instead I found a little awkward having to turn off the flashlight after eventually requesting the battery charge and use the button in the tail with the dagger (despite my medium-sized hand) and I would like a shortcut at least for the level Turbo.

What do you think about it? Would you buy?

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Very nice review, a pleasure to read

I had this light and loved it. I replaced it with the olight m2x

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VERY thorough review!!!! Don’t sell yourself short!

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Thanks for the compliments Wink

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Good job on the review

And thanks for teaching me a new word …..SCABBARD !

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