Any experience with the Golisi S2?

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Any experience with the Golisi S2?


I’m looking for a two-slot 18650/NiMH charger, with a good display. Prefer 1000mA capability, and no extra wall warts, so direct mains or USB input.

Both the Golisi S2 and I2 tick off most of the boxes on my list, and I’ve read HKJ’s typically reviews of the S4 and I2.

But I’m also seeking user reports from the field. Golisi seems to be a newcomer, so I’m wondering whether it will be another fleeting brand that will come and go.

Truth be told, Xtar would already have my money if they hadn’t whiffed so badly on the VC2+‘s display. A few years ago, I waited it out for a better-rounded version of the VC2, only to be met by a sense of disappointment when the + version finally appeared. So close, yet so far.

In a similar vein, the Nitecore D2 only does 500mA, and the SC2 doesn’t even resemble its larger sibling.

That’s give you an idea of what I’m looking for. The Golisi chargers have the bonus of 2A capability, but the being a relative unknown is giving pause. I can live without explicit user current selection.

I’m also open to other suggestions, but am ready to shed my analysis paralysis.