DQG Tiny 26650 III

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DQG Tiny 26650 III

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

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I tested small, medium and large torches powered with AA fingers, cells 14500, 18650, 26650, but I have not seen anything like that yet and I am talking about: DQG Tiny 26650 III, powered as the name says with links 26650 and shining with “power” 2500lm !

The torch came from the Gearbest store – https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_598992.html?wid=21&lkid=1344... (my reflink),
with a rebate code: CHENHUIQIAN88 is available at 58 USD,
Special rebate code (only for 10 items) lowering the price to 49.99 USD: SHERRYCHEN.

Probably most of you will be able to match at least a few companies to a given color, and what if there is a manufacturer who finds the packaging? Are you sure you need it?
That’s how the DQG went, packed the flashlight into a package that was not much bigger than the flashlight itself, and fitted two more spare o-rings! That’s all.
Only the items: flashlight color, diodes and a very brief description of modes are marked on the packaging, that’s all.

It’s hard to believe that DQG comes in such a small package

The optics are protected by steel lace,

My DQG is version 7 * XP-G2 neutral 4500K. Without a doubt, optics is an element that we must consider the most! Diodes centered very well, the whole without unnecessary paproszki, etc.

The head and the middle tube are covered with a rough, sharp and definitely palpable layer of knurling, and separated by very delicate ribbing.

On the head there is a keyhole that we will not find in the set, well, the eye is made in such a way that we will damage the lead of the lead very quickly, and it’s best to use a metal fastener

The button works with a lot of resistance (quite hard), made of pleasant to touch rubber, it seems to be of good quality, but already in the picture you can see that the perfect rubber cut-out and its treatment can be forgotten

Cap: I think someone took a ruler and designed it. Although made in a very simple way, in my opinion, it adds charm to the entire flashlight, and for this minimalist information about the producer and the model, ahh!

The thread is made quite well, although there are problems with longer links, this is not the level of Nitecore when it comes to their performance (or rather trouble-free mounting of the cap). The cap without a spring, like the controller, the cell is slightly squeezed, sitting tight and secure

DQG is operated with a single button.
On the switched off flashlight:
- 1 click will turn on the flashlight in medium mode,
- 2 clicks will turn on the flashlight in high mode,
- 3 clicks will turn on the flashlight in Low mode

On the flashlight:
- we hold – the modes change in a loop
- one click will turn off the flashlight
- two quick clicks activate TURBO

TURBO mode (2500lm) is set temporarily – for 100 seconds, then switches to high mode (800lm) and lights up in it until the cell is discharged, or about 2.5 hours with full stabilization (for the Liitokala 26650 5000mAh cell) because it has a type controller a step-up.
In the highest mode, TURBO, the driver unfortunately squeaks, it can be heard especially in the rooms, it will be less on the outside.
Of course, when the torch switches to high mode, without any problems we can turn on the TURBO mode again, and again, and again (remember that DQG does not have protection against too high temperature) … up to the voltage of the 2.8V cell, at which the flashlight will switch to the lowest mode, with soft flashes, informing about low battery charge, and after a few minutes it will switch off.

Comparative photo with HaikeLite SC01 and Liitokala 26650 5000mAh, DQG is not much bigger than this link!

And to think that HaikeLite SC01 is also powered from 26650!

In a colorful family with HaikeLite SC01, Fenix HL60R, BLF D80 and Acebeam EC35

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H

DQG Tiny 26650 III mode: medium

DQG Tiny 26650 III mode: high

DQG Tiny 26650 III mode: TURBO

FiTorch P26R neutral, TURBO mode

Klarus G20L: TURBO mode

DQG Tiny 26650 III mode: TURBO

FiTorch P26R neutral, TURBO mode

Klarus G20L: TURBO mode

DQG Tiny 26650 III mode: TURBO

FiTorch P26R neutral, TURBO mode

Klarus G20L: TURBO mode

In my opinion DQG with 7 * XP-G2 shines better than FiTorch with XHP70.2 neutral, not to mention Klarus cold. The diodes used are of great quality, which translates into a beautiful color without any discoloration, color changes (eg XP-G3 do not glow evenly with one color and more problems with them than with XP-G2).

Full size photos:

A few words of summary.
DQG with the model powered by 26650 cells did a great job. The flashlight is not much bigger than the one it is powered with, it is very well in the hand and is almost invisible in it.
If I had to indicate a defect, it would be the lack of memory of the last mode, or the start always from the lowest mode, in my case, this defect is of little importance.
With small dimensions, it provides mass of light under your feet, with a quite useful range and quality … that is something that I miss in the age of the tested flashlights, and DQG just shines beautifully.
PLN 200 for DQG is quite a lot, at this price we will find many other interesting flashlights, maybe not so small and original, but more modern designs, only newer = better?

Successful shopping !

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Thanks for the review. The light is an incredible bargain but just not the build quality I’d like to have on a light.

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The quality of construction is also a hindrance for me. But I feel something that I will buy them anyway Smile

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Awesome photos Eryk, thanks for posting. I really like my DQG Tiny 26650 III too. I think it’s a nicely made flashlight. No problems with it at all.

The DGQ Tiny also works great as a light weight camp lantern. I cut the plastic bulb part off of an LED light bulb and it fits perfect on the steel bezel.