OLight S1R - Small size, big output! - Review and Giveaway!

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OLight S1R - Small size, big output! - Review and Giveaway!

Hey all, I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Party I received a couple of S1R’s from OLight AU as part of their flash sale. One for review and another to giveaway! As usual, the review can be consumed in two formats – either written or video. Our review style is more ‘casual read’ rather then ‘lab test’ (though both have their merits). Hope you guys enjoy the review, this one was actually by Mrs OutdoorsIQ being her EDC.

If your interested in the giveaway, all the info is in the video review. I only have about 300 subs so you have a good chance of winning heh.

– Video Review

– Written Review
Having previously tested OLight’s largest flashlight, the 25,000 lumen, 1.8kg X9R prototype, it’s a relief to handle one of OLight’s smallest flashlights – the S1R. What the S1R lacks in size, it certainly doesn’t lack in output with the Turbo S mode providing 900 lumens. For this review, I’m going to hand you over to Mrs Outdoor’s IQ, who has used this as her own EDC for the past few months.

I’ve EDC’ed the S1R for the past two months, from dirt bike repairs to sorting homeware’s. The S1R is for me a practical flashlight, with a simple and easy to us interface. Perfect for those, like myself who want something easy to use.

The S1R use’s a TIR optic lens which produces both a smooth and even beam. This make’s the S1R ideal for indoor and up close work. Though with that being said, a double tap away is the Turbo S mode – producing 900 lumens of output. This is plenty enough for outdoor use, making the S1R more of a multi-purpose flashlight. If you are primarily outdoors, a larger flashlight would be more suitable with longer runtimes.

In the box is everything you could need. This includes the S1R, a custom RCR123 rechargeable battery, USB charging cable, lanyard and a soft pouch. Everything about the S1R is quality. Though you wouldn’t expect anything less from a company such as OLight.

In hand the S1R feels small, this is especially apparent given it’s weight of just 54 grams, Though this isn’t necessary a bad thing. The S1R is easily forgotten within your pocket until you need it. In terms of length the S1R is 66mm long and 21mm in diameter.

One interesting feature of the S1R is its rechargeable battery. Which is a custom RCR123, which has both the negative and positive connections on the top of the battery. This allows the battery to be charged using OLight’s USB magnetic charger. Which to put simply – just works. Having a USB changing cable allows me to recharge my S1R not only from my car, but also from a power bank in my handbag. (again, this review is by Mrs OutdoorsIQ… I don’t have a handbag lol.)

The S1R features an easy to use interface. Press the side button once to switch on or off the flashlight. To cycle through the modes, press and hold the side button. Both the low and strobe modes can be accessed from off by pressing and holding and triple pressing the side button. To access the turbo mode, double tap the side button from either on or off. Double tapping again will access the 900 lumen turbo S mode.

The S1R has 6 light modes and 1 flashing mode. This includes Moon at 0.5 lumens, low at 12 lumens, medium at 60 lumens, high at 300 lumens, turbo at 600 lumens and turbo S at 900 lumens. In terms of runtime, the lowest mode will run for 15 days and the turbo S mode will run for 1.5 minutes before stepping down and continuing to run for 50 minutes.

When I found out that Mr Outdoors IQ was reviewing the S1R, I jumped at the opportunity to produce my own review. The S1R has found a permanent home as my EDC – this is no surprise considering it’s small size, simple interface and impressive output. The only improvement I would make would be release a pink version. Though somehow I highly doubt that will be next on OLight’s drawing board.

(Flashlights just look better wet… :P)

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Nice to meet you Mrs. OutdoorsIQ and welcome to BLF Wink

I also gave the welcomes to Mr. OutdoorsIQ, so its nice to have you both around here!! Big Smile

And thanks for your review as well! I am a owner of a S1R Baton and love that little light!
So…I’m in for the GAW Wink

Thanks for the generosity, both of you, and keep these reviews coming Wink Party

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Excellent review, thanks for this opportunity. count me in for the GAW.

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No pink version, but they have made copper lights!

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I’ve been impressed with the Olights that I’ve owned so far, and especially loving my Titanium S1 mini – so you can count me in! Smile

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I loved your review. The S1R will be my next light to get. In for the giveaway. Thank you


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I owned several Olights mostly the copper versions. Count me in for the GAW. Thanks.


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Nice review! Big Smile

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Like your review mate.

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Pretty good video review on the Olight S1R Baton. Thank you. That sounds like a perfect EDC light that I would enjoy.
Count me in on your giveaway!

Welcome to the BLF.

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Count me in on the GAW, dont own any Olights could be a first, Thanks

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Never owned an Olight flashlight, would love the opportunity to win and review this. count me in.

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Great lights, count me in .

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All 3 of my Olights have been flawless, please count me in!

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Great review on the Olight S1R Baton. Thank you.
That sounds like a perfect EDC light.
Count me in on your giveaway!
Welcome to the BLF.

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I’m in for GAW.

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Thanks for the nice review!
(not in for the g.a. because I do not sub channels)

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Nice review!

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Mrs OutdoorsIQ here!

Thanks for the warm welcome MascaratumB Smile

Also thank you everyone for the kind words and feedback. It’s what keep us doing what we do… or mainly Mr OutdoorsIQ.

Having said that, I have to say I’m actually really enjoying helping Mr OutdoorsIQ myself now!! You might see abit more of me.

We will definitely try to get our hands on more giveaway. It’s always so nice to be able to share the products we review with our supporters.

Have a great week ahead everyone.

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Great light and nice review, count me in please.

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Thanks for doing these great reviews with videos.

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Lovely review of a nice EDC light. Count me in for the giveaway!
Hope to see more content from your channel in the future.

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Thanks for the review and giveaway! Count me in!

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I really like this style of light. Thanks for the review, and count me in for the giveaway.

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I love Olight.

Count me in for the giveaway.

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Thanks for the GAW.. In for the fun..:)

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Hey guys… remember to comment on the YouTube video “What is your fav EDC and why?” to enter the draw!!

Its also super cool for me to see what people’s favourite EDC is… that way I can convince Mr OutdoorsIQ to buy something else for me… hehe!! I am already eyeing the Nitecore TINI because it’s really cute… one of our subscriber carries that and I really like it!

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Count me in for the giveaway.

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Thanks for the giveaway, I am in.

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Count me in for the giveaway.

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Nice review. Count me in please.