[Review] Jaxman E2L ( 3 x XP-G2, 18650 ) ~ Great triple EDC # Mod in 1st comment

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[Review] Jaxman E2L ( 3 x XP-G2, 18650 ) ~ Great triple EDC # Mod in 1st comment

The flashlight was provided by Fasttech.com for review purposes.
Here's the product's link: Jaxman E2L

The flashlight arrived is a plain cardboard box that included the bare minimals - just a couple of spare o-rings.
As you can see, the E2L comes with a beautiful bluish anodization, even though the manufacturer refers to it as dark grey.

Both the body and the tail of light is covered by diamond shaped knurling, while the head has some deep heatsinking grooves.

The head implements a polished bezel that creates a nice contrast with the rest of the body, while it also protects the AR glass.

And here's a shot of the triple XP-G2 setup that the E2L comes with.

And there's another shot of the triple CW XP-G2s once lit up.

Both sides' threads are square cut, while the rear ones are also anodized.

Both the driver and the tail switch are held in place by a brass retaining ring.
The driver used is a simple Nanjg-105C that utilizes 6 x AMC7135 chips.

The switch assembly is consisted out of the rubber boot, a washer and the switch/spring pcb.

Thanks to the recessed switch the flashlight can tailstand.

The E2L weights around 67gr, which is quite light considering that it's an 18650 host with a triple emitter setup.

As you might have already noticed, the E2L is very similar in shape and size with Convoy's S2+.
Here's a side by side shot with some of my other lights.
From left to right: Klarus Mi1C, Sofirn SP10B, Jaxman E2L, Convoy S2+, Sofirn C8T_

User Interface

The flashlight uses a very basic and easy to remember user interface.
In total, there are only 3 lighting modes (Low -> Mid -> High) that can be cycled through by a half press of the switch.
No special modes or blinkies.

Low voltage and Reverse polarity protection are both supported.

Performance & Beamshots

As said, the driver of the flashlight utilizes 6 AMC7135 linear regulators, each of which provide a maximum of 350mA of current.
In order to get my measurements I uses a DMM with short leads and a fully charged Samsung 25R 18650 cell.
Here's my ceiling bounce measurements along with the current draw for each power level.

And here's High mode compared to my other lights.

According to my ceiling bounce measurements, I can safely say that the E2L is indeed pushing close to 900 Lumens.
During doing so, the head of the light gets quite warm but it can sustain the output without getting uncomfortably hot.

Lastly, here's a few wall beamshots of the wide beam produced by the TIR lens.



Overall the E2L is great light for using as an EDC. It creates a usable, wide beam and its maximum output is more than adequate for day to day tasks.
Spoiler Alert: Being a modder, I just couldn't bypass the fact that the flashlight provides a great platform for monster output Silly
In a couple of days I will be doing some simple mods to see what I can pump out of this little guy, so stay tuned!

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Mod time

I started with spring bypassing the tail switch.

I then installed an A17DDL + 1 driver and also bypassed its spring.
In order to get the retaining ring to make good contact I had to create a couple of solder blobs on the negative ring.

I popped in a GITD green switch cover.

And lastly I installed a pocket clip that I had available from my Convoy S2+.

The light now draws 6.8A on turbo and should be pushing around 2500Lumen.
Of course, the output isn't sustainable - the front part of the light can literally set paper on fire - but nonetheless it's a very usable EDC when used appropriately.

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Great review and nice mod Smile

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triple xpg2 can get 2500 lumens?? Shocked

EDC-Mateminco mt04 xhp50 nw,Sofirn If-25a Lh351d

Headlamp-Thrunite th30 nw

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vresto wrote:
triple xpg2 can get 2500 lumens?? Shocked

Not quite, if the highest S4 bin XP-G2 leds are used (?), each led at 2.26A, if heatsinked very well, could produce 840 lumen, times three is 2520 led-lumen. But the optic plus lens takes away more than 20%, so about 2000 lumen is the max you should get, but expect some heat sag too in a small light like this.
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Djozz is correct. I was talking about the theoretical amount of light that the triple setup should be pushing. In practice the output must be indeed lower.

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Thanks for the great review as usual, and for and posting your mod.

I have the 3x Nichia 219 version triple but the beam doesn’t have a well defined circle edge as the XP-G2 appears to have in your beamshot below.

Mine is more fuzzy around the edge, kind of clover shaped or asymmetrical. I wonder if that’s because of the LED’s or is it a different optic?


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I just picked up an E2L triple xpg2 (warm) from Mountain Electronics. Very nice and a real bargain.
My copy also has Strobe available in any mode by a fast double-press. Returns to Low with a half-press.

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I received mine last fall. I chose the Nichea version. It is a fantastic light and I use it all the time on my walks/hikes. I went ahead and got the holster from Mtn Electronics so I can attach it to my pack.