Klarus G20L, 3000lm and 5000mAh in the set

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Klarus G20L, 3000lm and 5000mAh in the set

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

Link to original: http://www.torch.pl/forum/index.php/topic,63734.0.html

I tested the flashlight
Klarus G20 – https://translate.google.pl/translate?hl=pl&sl=pl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fw... ,
Klarus G35 – http://budgetlightforum.com/node/58929 ,
And the time has come for G20L. What is this mysterious G20L designation? Like anything else like the G20 in the “long”, but has something more changed beyond the larger sizes? Better performance, larger dimensions, XHP70.2 diode, while the driver remained unchanged.

Technical specification on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.klaruslight.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=174&...

The flashlight is available in the Banggood shop:
https://www.banggood.com/Klarus-G20L-XHP70_2-P2-3000Lumens-Dual-Switch-B...USB-Rechargeable-LED-Tactical-Flashlight-p-1215828.html?p=1V151010850342015015&utm_campaign=zie&utm_content=chendongling ( my reflink)
with the code: PG20LA, the price drops to 70.37 USD

We receive G20L clutch in a magnetically closed container. Colouristically refers to G20 and G35, but the same idea and quality of the packaging – as if better Smiley

A set very similar to G20, that is:
- a flashlight holster
- leash on the wrist
- spare oring
- USB cable
- Klarus 26650 5000mAh cell protect
- user manual

In contrast to G20 and G35, G20L is covered with black, matt anodization, in my opinion this treatment is a huge step forward when it comes to the look of the flashlight

Significantly larger reflector than in G20, fast with coatings, diode XHP70.2, unfortunately cold, but no ugly violet blooms, etc.

The head (notches, ribbing, etc.) looks almost identical to G35

The appearance of the W button G35 and G20L has changed compared to what was in the G20. It is flatter, I do not have G20, but I think that there was a feeling of elasticity, there is no G20L, it works with a bit more resistance, very high accuracy, but leave the flashlight in TURBO mode and memory of the last mode in the jacket – it’s always a big risk !

On the other side there is a USB port. Cell 5000mAh and only 1A, unfortunately … The flashlight spent a few hours in the water during testing and remained leakproof, but as always with this type of security – be careful. The color of the LED in the switch informs about the charging process, the green LED indicates that the cell is charged.

The middle tube looks the same as in the G35, the ankle + flat cuts along the flashlight, make the flashlight perfectly in the hand, and even despite the large size is very well balanced

The screw cap was built differently than in G35, the rubber for securing the second button has changed, the construction method has also changed, here the button is hidden and the torch remains very stable in a standing position

In the set we get a Klarus 26650 5000mAh cell secured, known from eg the G20 model. Before the first start-up, we must get rid of the protection (preventing accidental switching on the flashlight during transport)

The thread without anodization, very well made, turns great with both the cells without a protruding plus or with the original links, could be pre-lubricated slightly better, although it is not bad

In the middle of a thick, massive spring, I had no problem even with links without protection (and this is important, because I usually use such links)

I compare the photos from the G20 model review, and it turns out that the G20L driver looks the same. A few people complained that their G20 squeaks, my G20L does not have this problem, although it can be addicted to a specific art …

The identical control, and therefore the description remains without major changes; )

The buttons on the side and on the cap enable basically the same functions.
Single click:
- side light – switches on the flashlight in the last memorized mode
- on the screw cap – in the lowest available mode

By single clicks, we change the modes in the loop:
- Low – 15lm
- Medium – 160lm
- High – 650lm
- Turbo – 3000lm
In my opinion, there is something missing between 650 and 3000lm, such an indirect mode 1000lm (although the lack of this mode compensates in some way the drop after a while to about 1500-1800lm) and the mode “Eco” or “moon” about 1lm (or less).

The flashlight has several hidden modes:
- flashing modes activate with no matter what button and no matter if the flashlight is off or on – with a double fast click (the first two clicks – Strobe, two more fast clicks – SOS)
- when the flashlight is turned off and hold one of the buttons, the instant TURBO mode will be activated until the button is released. Such a mode in such a flashlight is even obligatory, and here he is! Smile
- single few rear switch – activates the lowest mode (not momentary and continuous)

- protection against accidental switching on – we hold two buttons for a moment and wait for two flashes.
- turning off the security – we have to make 3 quick clicks, the flashlight will inform us about turning off the security device with two flashes and it will turn off

Charge indicator:
After switching on the flashlight for 5 seconds, the LED in the side button lights up in color … informing us about the charge status of the cell
- green 70-100% of cell batteries / a
- orange 30-70% of cell batteries / a
- red below 30% of cell batteries / a
When the cell’s charge status is low, the flashlight takes over the modes (below 3.4V).
- if the fire charge drops below 10% (below 3.3V), the red LED will flash all the time.

In addition, Klarus G20L has a great protection against too high temperature. Flashlight does not kill modes, it simply lowers the brightness. The temperature will drop – the flashlight will increase brightness. The protection is set very prophylactically, according to my laser thermometer is 45-50 ° C, it is clearly visible in the test without cooling. At about 40 minutes I opened the window (outside temperature around 0 degrees), the sensor in a few moments detected the temperature change of the flashlight and slowly began to increase brightness.

I also tested using the Liitokala 26650 5000mAh cell and Klarus 26650 5000mAh protect and water-cooled. I was wondering about the drop in brightness at the beginning of the test (real in TURB0 mode, this flashlight is about 1800-2000lm, but marketing … 3000lm), but I saw for the @ mar3 review and it turns out that the same drop was in his G20, so here’s not much has changed. Performance at a pretty nice level

G20L looks great, matte anodization, larger reflector than in G20 (= better range), subtitles, notches, switch in one line … Klarus, it’s beautiful

At G35, it’s not so big anymore …

I am thinking about the recently tested DQG torch powered by 26650 cells … and the length of the entire DQG flashlight is the dimensions of the cell container in Klarus G20L Smiley

And this is what Klarus G35 and Nitecore EC4 look like

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H

Klarus G20L low

Klarus G20L medium

Klarus G20L high

Klarus G20L TURBO

DQG Tiny 26650 III NW

FiTorch P26R XHP70.2 neutral

Klarus G35

Nitecore EC4 (mod XM-L2 U2 3C)

Wuben T046R

Klarus G20L TURBO

DQG Tiny 26650 III NW

FiTorch P26R XHP70.2 neutral

Klarus G20L TURBO

DQG Tiny 26650 III NW

FiTorch P26R XHP70.2 neutral

Full size photos:

A few words of summary.
Klarus G20L in relation to G20 are mainly larger sizes. Behind the increase of the size of the flashlight (and rightly) there were also changes in the flashlight itself, G20L is covered with black, matt anodization, has an identical click like G35, and does not squeak like G20.
I remember that when I was writing a review of the Klarus G20, I complained about its size, it is too big and the G20L is even bigger. Looking at what DQG offers in the flashlight, which is not much bigger than the link it supplies, G20L is really big. However, if we look at the light distribution of G20 and G20L, something like “range” appears in G20L, which was not to be found in G20. Of course, it is still a wall of light, but not as disturbing as in the G20, where it simply burned the grass in front of us. In the set we get a cell with a capacity of 5000mAh, and everything would be great, if not for the performance of the charger on the level of 1A … over 5h of charging, i.e. either leave for the night, or we carry spare cells …
Two buttons to control the flashlight? It may be a little bit over-engineered, but it gives us the option of switching on the flashlight with the memory of the last mode, switching on the flashlight in moon mode, or in TURBO mode if we temporarily need TURBO and in this respect Klarus has perfectly solved control.

Looking at the whole, a pretty cool flashlight, Klarus consistently produces similar flashlights within a given series, of course (as always), I miss a neutral diode to choose from, but for lovers of cold colors – G20L is an interesting choice and I can even recommend it, an improved G20, which has found many fans Smiley


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Thanks for the review. Nice quality pictures.

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Good review, thanks.