3 x AA large headed light. (56mm) Looks like a real thrower.

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3 x AA large headed light. (56mm) Looks like a real thrower.

Unusual 3 x AA large headed light (56mm) with the AA's in series in an inline sleeve.   Its a Q5 so ignore the quoted lumens.

However, it should be one heck of a terrific thrower and of real interest to those who only use AA/NiMH.

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That's a good price FP are selling it for $37.74.

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The finish looks horrible.  Otherwise, I'd be all over it.

Thanks for the find.  I'm looking for one in black now.


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unique engrish language... Smile


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I love the entertainment value of these ads as well. Check out the pinky finger fingernail on this guy!

It turns out the light is shockproof and skid proof as well!

The reflector is "flat lens", it comes with a hanging strip and has an output of 800 lumens and as mentioned is fuggly. It's even good for climbing (for those with 3 hands).

In black it would be more interesting. I'm confused by the pictures however. In the one where the guy is holding it it looks like it has a side switch and I don't see a tail switch in that picture. In the other pics however you see a tail switch.

I see the same seller has this twist zoom using 3AAA and one 18650 for anyone who is interested.


There are a few lights on here that are explosion proof in addition to being waterproof.
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I'm curious of the runtimes on 3xAA.  


It's rated 7W.  So perhaps 1hr on high?