WTS: some custom built lights ( Jaxman E2L, X6 triple, Convoy L2 ) (EU only) (Price drop)

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WTS: some custom built lights ( Jaxman E2L, X6 triple, Convoy L2 ) (EU only) (Price drop)

My collection is getting a bit too big and in the interest of getting money to build more lights I’m selling some lights that I don’t find myself using very often anymore. Feel free to ask here for more specific photos/details. PM me with your address to ask for a shipping estimation.

First is a Jaxman E2L built with:
- E2L dark grey host
- 9A LD-B4 driver
- 200mA blue ILC-0
- 3x Nichia 219C sm503 9050 on a Mosled 3XP pcb
- Carclo 10507 optic
- bypassed bronze springs
- Convoy black pocket clip

This one was used mainly as a backpack edc light so it was treated very well and it looks basically like new except for some marks on the bezel. A really good setup for edc, perfectly safe thermal stepdown thanks to having the thermal sensor on the led pcb, constant current linear regulation on all modes with a pretty low moonlight level, LVP on both driver and lighted tailcap. The beam is a large hotspot and color rendition is as good as you’d expect from 219Cs.
40€ + shipping

Next is an Eagle Eye X6:
- Eagle Eye X6 host
- 6A LD-A4 driver
- 400mA red ILC-0
- 3x Nichia 219B sw40 9080 on a noctigon XP32 soldered to a copper spacer
- CUTE-3-SS optic
- bronze springs, not bypassed
- red lanyard

This has been my main hiking/trail running flashlight, it has been used on the woods and on the alps, it has taken some falls, has been dunked in the water and in the snow a few times, and has been used at -10 deg without issues, so if you need a light you can trust, i’d say this is one. The only reason I’m selling it is that I plan to build a very similar light that will fulfill the same role a bit better. This one too has ntc sensor on the pcb and thermals are extremely good, running with it in cold air I’ve been able to keep it at 6A without stepdown for 30 minutes. Build thread here: http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1233196#comment-1233196. Color rendition is very good but be advised color temperature looks warmer than 4000K to me, more like 3500K, and is a bit yellowish due to being above the BBL.
40€ + shipping

Last is a Convoy L2:
- Convoy L2 host
- block style 2S battery tube
- Texas Avenger 2S driver
- dedomed XHP50.2 J4 3A on a noctigon XM20
- tailswitch replaced with a big reverse clicky
- bypassed front spring, non-bypassed thick phosphor bronze spring in the back

This one never had a practical use for me, I built it mostly for fun and as an experiment, changed it up a few times, but I’ve gotten bored with it. It has a very lucky dedome of an XHP50.2 done with nitro paint thinner which resulted in a very nice neutral tint not far from the original 3A, with very good color rendition for a 70CRI emitter. I didn’t bypass the tail spring for fear of killing the emitter with too much current and because it already has a really low resistance. The reflector has some scratches due to me cleaning it wrong but it doesn’t result in a bad beam, speaking of which the beam has the typical Cree new gen emitter tint shift and a blueish donut hole, both of which weren’t very noticeable to me during actual use.
50€ + shipping

Keep in mind the two lighted tailcaps look much more saturated irl.

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