Win a Nitecore TINI key ring flashlight!

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Win a Nitecore TINI key ring flashlight!

Win a Nitecore TINI key ring flashlight!



although it‘s german it is fairly easy:

  1. Subscribe to my new channel: reviewmirror
  2. Comment & like the video 
  3. Wait until beginning of May

Good luck!



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Ahah, now you clarified a doubt I had Wink
I saw most of your videos on the IWA with both names of user, and I was confused, I thought that there were 2 people making the same videos!! Both channels subscribed mate Wink
Will make my comment and enter this giveaway Wink

Thanks and thanks a lot for the videos of IWA, I met a lot of brands I didn’t knew and models from some brands I got curious about Wink
Good work!!!