Average DX delivery time (days) for EU

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Average DX delivery time (days) for EU

Average DX delivery time (days) for EU / Scandinavia, any idea?

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Depends if the product is only available from China or is available from the UK warehouse.

Products available in the UK warehouse should take about a week or less.

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I usually expect two weeks from the day that DX tell me they have "shipped" it. It can often take a week from the time that HK Post register that it in their sytem till it leaves HK. My most recent order (not from DX) gave me a tracking number on the 15th of this month, HK Post acknowledged its existence on the 22nd and it shipped out on the 23rd. It arrived (But I wasn't in so will collect it from the PO tomorrow) today (29th).



Something I ordered from DX three days ago got shipped out today according to their email. I'll be interested to see how long it takes to arrive. 


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For my Country (spain) the normal time for UNtracked mail is 14 working days since the "shippment date".

For registered mail (tracked) is about 5-10 working days


Always talking about parcels shipped from China, not UK, obviously

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Anywhere from 15 to 70 days... (the same goes for anyone that uses China post). HK post is about 10 days after posting (e.g. from Manafont).

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Delivery time is usually 3-8 weeks out of which shipping is about 2 weeks. Expect longer order processing and shipping times around the holiday season.

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My last order from DX:

ordered 10/21 -> shipped 11/16 -> delivered -> 11/22

Shipping time was extremely fast, but it took very long to get it shipped...

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According to my experience the shipping time is very long (Germany), which is why I don't order from DX. 

Average delivery time : 4 - 8 weeks

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Extremely slow, I have one order made in early september, still not delivered.

But mainly I blame China post.  I have had other shipments from Shenzen with over 3 months shipping time.