Tractor Supply Ampro 3xAAA Lightning Review

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Tractor Supply Ampro 3xAAA Lightning Review

Picked up this light at tractor supply (B&M).  It was in a pack w/ a decent, large liner lock folding knife and was on clearance (a couple months ago) for $5.  I should have bought more (mostly for the knife).

The light - absolutely terrible if you paid for it...but a step above the 9-led and junk c3 shaped knockoffs that are free or a $1...

smooth knurling, dry threads (except on pill?!), plastic lens/reflector, thin and totally hollow pill, no thermal compound between emitter and star (but hey, at least it has one!), and as far as I can tell, no regulation of any kind besides the resistance of the switch (that actually has a good feel) and the leads from battery contact board to the star.

the emitter is bright enough that you won't want to look at it but it has a terribly purple tint and little throw or flood...sort of a narrow flood with poorly define hotspot, I guess...

I don't like AAAs (except singles, in tiny devices), and to use an 18650 would require a shorter reflector or ditch it and go aspheric.

I can't think of a worthwhile mod but if somebody has an interesting (or not too time intensive) idea I'd probably try it - other wise it will just be used for parts...

sorry about the photo quality, forgot to reset brightness for first two.  In case you're wondering, the yellow dots in the caliper display are evaporust Embarassed - the light didn't come sparkly, that's some polychromatic clear coat I added, and I was too lazy to go get something to screw the pill back in with so the front end isn't tightened all the way...

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