Lumileds Luxeon Z ES 5700K CRI90 (LXZ2-5790)

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Lumileds Luxeon Z ES 5700K CRI90 (LXZ2-5790) sent me a Lumileds Luxeon Z ES LED for color and CRI testing.


The sample came already reflowed on Led4power’s 20mm DTP MCPCBs. The Luxeon Z ES is tiny and needs special solder pads and thus cannot be directly swapped to replace a XP/219 sized emitter.

All tests except for tint vs. current were measured at 700mA at which the Luxeon Z ES is specified.

I tested the emitter in four different configurations. In addition to a bare emitter with no reflector or optics I used (from left to right):
A tiny TIR optic from an Olight i3E EOS
Small OP reflector from a Reylight Pineapple Brass
A medium sized OP reflector from an Olight M2R

The tint shift vs. angle was measured with the bare emitter and using the M2R reflector.

While the 0° angle tint is perfect at duv 0.0000 and 5740K, there’s significat tint shift when the observation angle changes.

This results in a slightly greenish hotspot when the total output gets somewhat integrated to a defined beam using a reflector or optics. I would still rate the overall tint ok. There was some dark blemish artifacts when using the Olight optics, but they are probably only visible on a white flat surface. The overall tint was closest to the BBL with the optics.

Here’s the tint within the beam with the M2R OP reflector. While on the green side (duv 0.0050 in the hotspot), the tint shift within the beam is not bad at all. Visually I rate the consistency good. Therefore a diffusing optics or d-c-fix isn’t necessary, but a minus green filter would improve the overall tint at least on my single sample.

The color temperature increases and the tint moves below BBL with higher currents.

CRI Data

TM-30-15 Rg value of >100 indicates that the light oversaturates colors a bit, which is often considered prefferable. Combined with a good overall color rendering, this LED will probably seem pleasing to most users.

Current doesn’t affect color rendering in any meaningful way.




Forward voltage up to 2A

Relative intensity at 0° with a bare emitter

_Up next: Lumileds Luxeon MZ

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Thanks for the test!

The Z ES 4000K 90CRI is very yellowish according to koef3. He tested it for me last year. He said the MZ 5700K 90CRI is much better tint-wise.

In your test here the Z ES seems to have a rather pronounced Cyan-defficiency. Some high-cri LEDs manage 40% at the lowest point in that part of their spectrum.

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I know the 3V Luxeon MZ 5700 K 90CRI has another spectrum and higher CRI (own measurement early 2017, around Ra 92, R9 68 or so), despite the same CCT and color rendering class. There was also more Cyan in it (approx 35 %).

Thanks for the test!

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I missed this somehow. Thanks maukka!