Zanflare F1 USB rechargeable flashlight (4K video review)

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Zanflare F1 USB rechargeable flashlight (4K video review)

This is a great EDC on a budget light, it was on offer at $19.99 when I was sent it and believe it to be just about the best value light around at that price point.
A genuine 1200+ lumens and USB charging! The spring looked a little cheap and the metal USB cover is hard to loosen if you tighten it too much.

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Nice vid man! When you plug in the USB cable, then the driver acknowledges this. However, it cannot charge the battery because you have an open circuit due to the clicky switch. This is what the blinking green/red indicator means. When you “switch on” the light, then current can run through the battery, so the indicator turns red; so solid red means the battery is charging.
It’s a great light for the low price, I love mine!

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You think it was a great value at 20bux… try back when it was for 10bux!

I shouldda stocked up back then… Crying

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