Nichia 319 with Carclo quad optics and mixing with Cree LEDs?

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Nichia 319 with Carclo quad optics and mixing with Cree LEDs?

I’m sure it’s on a thread here somewhere and I think I read it before, but do the hexagonal Nichia 319 emitters fit under the Carclo quad optics in the D4? I want to mix two 319’s 5000k 80+ CRI and two CREE XP-L HI’s 3000k 80+ CRI in a D4. Didn’t know if the different Vf would be an issue. Assuming not since it’s in parallel.

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The 319s do fit under Carclo optics. However, when using clear optics the beam shape is really ugly, tons of artifacts and funky angles in the edges. So for me, I only use them under frosted optics.

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They are all in parallel? Don’t do it, then.

The LEDs with the lower Vf will end up hogging all the current.

Hell, even if different LEDs have the same nominal rating, they won’t necessarily match, and even the shape of the I-V curves will likely be different.

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