Thorfire TK18 Review

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Thorfire TK18 Review

I have received a light from Thorfire to do a review and I will give my fair review as if I paid for it.
Thorfire lights have been some of my favorite lights because of the bang for your buck that you get is excellent.
First here are the specs as listed on Amazon:

Size: 5.28 inch( length) * 1.33 inch (Body diameter)
Weight: 3.2 oz (excluding battery)
Color Temperature: 5350-5500K
Working voltage: 2.8-8.4V
Reverse polarity protection
Low voltage protection
Made from aircraft grade aluminum
IPX8 water resistant design

I really like the knurling on it because it just looks cool!

I like the op reflector because you get a nice smooth beam of light.

Here you can see the green light indicating the battery level.
>3.4v will be green
3 to 3.4v will be orange
2.8 to 3v will be red

The tail switch and the driver springs are nice and thick gauge.

The output of light is great but this is my first XPL emitter and I’m sure this isn’t near the limits because this light doesn’t really get that hot probably because of the step down. I did not have a chance to get some beam shots maybe I can post them one day.

The ramping UI is a nice feature for some people because you can just set your brightness and the light will stay on that setting until you change it. The ramping seems to take a while to go from low to turbo but if your looking for a precise brightness its easy to find.

If the ramping UI is not your thing, tap the button 4 times and you can have the traditional low medium high turbo UI.
For me, it is very well thought out that they included this because not everyone is going to like one UI or another. I prefer the regular UI and see the ramping as more of a gimmick in my opinion.

The belt clip is nice and strong but not so strong that its hard to clip on your belt. I found it easy to take out to use and put back quickly.

I have since changed to this light for my EDC because of the battery level indicator. If the light shows orange I’ll change out the battery so I know I wont run out of battery throughout the day. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality EDC light under $30. Good job Thorfire!