EDC...how much $.. How expensive a light are you willing to edc ?

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EDC...how much $.. How expensive a light are you willing to edc ?

 i'm talking EDC not a work light ...If you're a cop or a professional who has to carry a light 24/7 than answer only with your back up edc ..

how much are you willing to carry on you day in and day out

what's the price of your EDC ?  and  what is your highest priced light ?



mine ..

15$ edc

50$ highest price light I own .

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EDC usually under $30, mostly under $20.

My dog walking coat has a triple XM-L, a headlamp and a P60 with an XM-L dropin in it. That is EDC at this time of year. Around $110 in total.

Most expensive $200+import taxes. Ended up costing me nearer $300.


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My EDC ATM is maybe 30$.

Maybe 100$ tops? I´m really bad in keeping shelf queens. I either use them or sell them.

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$30 dollars tops because it's going to get dropped, smashed, frozen, scratched and eventually lost and hopefully I get my 30 bucks worth before the inevitable lost light syndrome takes it from me.

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Romisen RC-C6  for EDC,  I paid about $12 now at DD for $9.29, I put it in a $2 ultrafire holster, its nice and short, great for sitting / driving positions, nice ring-less beam no sign of wear after 2 months. I own no lights over $25 and would not likely ever exceed $35 for any light.  

BTW my My EDC knife is $5 and I would probably not exceed $10 for the knife my most expensive knife is under $20

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$36 dqg on my keyring

Usually carry a few in my bag. Total around $150



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100$ DRY if i know i'm going to be outside if it's dark.

generic 10$ light in my leather jacket (which i wear most of the time now), going to be replaced by sipik sk 68 clone as soon as it arrives

always a (free) keylight in my wallet or pocket


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I'm awaiting my new EDC, a Tank E09, $15.   $20 is usually the maximum budget for my EDC at anytime.

My most expensive light?   I suppose an old 3D Mag I bought years ago when prices were crazy.  As regards LED's though my cut off is $40 dollars and most are well under that.   I guess my X9 @ $37 is the most expensive I have.

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I don't think I've ever permanently misplaced an EDC so I really don't care how much it is. It's currently a sub $20 UF-2100 which I alternate with a UniqueFire G10 (depending on the pants I wear. hehe)

I used carry my $140 Surefire L4. And a $100 Arc LS. And a $180 MrBulk creation.

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For me I EDC a maratac AAA Cu.  Cheap enough that I won't have to re-mortgage to replace it and well made that I know it will always work for me.  Tiny enough to fit in my jeans coin pocket.

I also have my XM-L converted Yezl S5 in my coat running on an IMR14500.  Nice little pocket rocket/hand warmer.

So both of those are in the $35 range.

Highest price light? Has to be my SST90 4D mag.  With the cost of the Copper slug, emitter and 10amp driver, It is well over $100.

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depends if i'm drinking or not lol..usually 40$ is a cut off..I really like the uf-2100 as an EDC..ridiculously bright and under 20$..my zlt sc600 will probably be my non-drinking EDC and the uf-2100 will remain my worry free EDC..

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Depending on which pants I'm wearing, my EDC is less than $10 or $20.

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< $20

Edit : I just remembered I have a $25 Balder SE-1 neutral XML on the way .

So ~ $25

What I do


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No price limit. If I have it, I like it and is small enough to be carried, it is in my edc rotation. For about a week now I edc a sunwayman V10R in pants pocket and a Yezl 18650 XML in my small bag.

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Well depends. If i find something that i really want up to 50$ is still viable. Hardly much over that anyway. A 13usd worh of stainless steel 1AA C3 was with me well over half a year. Now my companion is wk21 which would be around the 35$ mark.

kragmutt wrote:

They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.

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The V10A is always my EDC fav, paid $47

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~15$ cqg s1 -always with me

~30$ uf-2100 (kd 8amc and t5 4b) or uf c2 (kd 8amc and t4 5a3) in the bag most of the time

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While choosing my EDC light, I went primarily for pocket friendliness (which, in turn, means unpleasant slipperiness in the hand as well) and scratch resistance.

This is what turned out at that time:


how crazy is this
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Have one of the $0.54 key chain lights the founder recommended with my keys. Keep a TrustFire R5-A3 on my belt with 2 additional 14500s. (Guess that is a touch over $20 if you include the batteries.) This time of year I have a C8 or a p60 host XM-L in my jacket pocket. Right around $20 each. That is about my most expensive flashlight provided you don't count Sipik 68 as a flashlight and add up the quantity purchasedWink

Can't believe that last year my EDC was a $5 maglite solitare on the belt with a $5 multi-led 3-AAA thing in my jacket. What have you guys done to me;-) 

Still think this is kind of crazy. However, the C8 and the zoomies are just downright fun.

Don't regret or think the A3 with 2 extra 14500s on the belt is the least bit crazy. This has been a very useful tool for me. Best work light I have ever had by far. Very easy to carry. I use this:


It is a touch wide fully loaded but worth it to me because I only have one thing to worry about. Has my cell phone, flash drive, light and spare batteries, pen, full size multi-tool (real gerber or fake leatherman wave) add on tools (1/4" bits) for said tool. Have fixed too many things to care what anyone thinks. Have been called Bat Man;-) BTW, I don't have anything in the loop they show the screwdriver in the picture.



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Your EDC is most likely your most important and most used light. I can't put a price tag on something that important. I'd happily carry a $200 light if that's what I thought it was necessary. My EDCs range from $30 to $100.

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My D11.2 is currently my AA favourite mainly because the build quality and the variable driver with ultra low.

But my E03 is also quite ok.

For me, reliability and AA batttery are the two most important factors. 

So 50 USD is ok for me.  Paying more wouldnt really give much more benefits.  





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nitecore ex10. Around $50. It's on a lanyard and the lanyard is clipped to my belt loop. Been carrying it for over a year now. Running rechargeable 123s. I would hate to lose it , but if I do, I'd rather have it when I need it than leave it at home and have it when I don't. Like all my gear, I buy for use, no shelf queens!

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I also EDC my Dry, which was $85+shipping.

And I carry a $15 1xAA on my keychain.

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If you have a more expensive light that does the job best then I'd recommend taking that. LED technology is improving all the time, it would be a shame for your best light to get outdated before you got enough proper use out of it. Of course if you're going somewhere you know it could get lost then I would maybe go for a cheaper one that day.


I EDC a Q-mini AA neutral R4 w/14500 on my keychain, which cost $35 ish I think, but would cost a lot more to replace now.. It's been on my keys for over a year now though and is still doing great, though with much less anodizing. I also have my old LD20 Q5 in my backpack as that's still a favourite of mine.


I carry a phone everywhere with me, and that's worth £80/$130 and my wallet has more costly things to replace than that in it total + cash so I just treat any EDC with the same care as what else I have with me.



I guess my most expensive light is my N30 HID, which cost me £100.

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Retail value ..?

I've EDC'ed Nitecore EX10 

Jetbeam BK135A 

Nlight B3

These 3 are probably the most expensive lights I have EDC'ed  

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fishmaniac wrote:

I don't think I've ever permanently misplaced an EDC so I really don't care how much it is. It's currently a sub $20 UF-2100 which I alternate with a UniqueFire G10 (depending on the pants I wear. hehe)

I used carry my $140 Surefire L4. And a $100 Arc LS. And a $180 MrBulk creation.

I really like my UF-2100 I just used it to hang Christmas lights outside in the dark.(If anyone asks why they would need to hang lights at night they must not be married). The 2100 is a bit long for my taste to EDC but if I was taking a long road trip or a long night walk that would be my light of choice.  Most of the time for routine EDC work  the little romisen RC-6 lights the path, lights under the hood finds the keyhole and reads the map every time. I ordered a Trustfire Z1 which might be the ticket for hands free work.

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Max $50 for EDC.

I'm a po' Georgia boy, my most expensive light is my $69 M8.



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My trusty E01 on my key chain at all time. So that's under 13 bucks. 

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My new edc Balder SE-1 N/W is on the way from CQG. And although i'm a budget buyer, i'm planning to buy Quark Mini CR2 or MiniX for my keyring. Most expensive one of my collection is UF 980L up to now.

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My SC51C is actually getting some pocket time.  Great light, but I want a SC51W for the lower low.  My neutral S-Mini gets quite a bit of coat pocket time too.

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Current EDC [~$15] UniqueFire UF-2100

Highest price light I own [two way tie @$25] KD C8 & UltraFire UF-H3B