[Review] Klarus ST10 - Side switch, XM-L2, TIR, 18650

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[Review] Klarus ST10 - Side switch, XM-L2, TIR, 18650

Business first… I was provide this light for review by Flashlightz.com. Here is the direct link to the ST10.

This light is packaged very well, in a good retail box. The specs are all contained on the back of the box.

BoxF2 BoxB1

Everything you need to charge it and get it going is contained as a complete unit. Good USB cord, Klarus 2600 mah cell, spare o-rings and a basic lanyard!
Don’t forget to remove the head and take out the insulator disc before use… otherwise the first click is going to be really boring!

I normally paraphrase the documentation, but this time I thought I would just include it in the review! Please read on for my thoughts, likes and dislikes.

Better pics of the light. The unit is a nice size for EDC.

Other things to note…
USB charging port with a good strong well sealed cover.
Charge port

A good clear TIR optic!

And good square cut threads that came well lubed.

The UI on this light is a good, very basic interface. I would not hesitate to hand it to a flashlight rookie!

Single click to turn on in the last used mode
Press and hold for 1 second from off for low mode
Click to change output levels from low to high
While on, hold for 1 second to turn off
Double click to enter strobe, double click for SOS and single click to exit to last mode
Press and hold switch for 5 seconds to lock out the light and 3 quick presses to unlock light. Light will flash twice to indicate locked and unlocked.

The light includes “Intelligent Temperature Protection System”, it steps down if the light gets hot. I did not let it set and overheat, but I did allow it to step down. It was noticable.

This side switch has an multi-color LED that indicates battery status at turn on and when the levels change between rated steps. It is also the charging progress indicator. I tested the voltage levels of the battery as compared to the documentation. This test was not done on high, but rather medium to avoid voltage sag. The levels were within .1 to .2 volts of published specs. Also through 3 charge cycles the charge terminated at 4.19Vdc each time. In my opinion it is a decent charging system.

This light is a decent size for EDC use. The clip did not pop off for the 1.5 weeks that I carried it daily.

Overall as a general EDC and shareable light, I was very happy with it. I did feel the color temperature was a little cool for my tastes… somewhere around 6000K. But, that is a personal preference, not a flaw. The machine work we good, the hand feel was good and I had not problem rolling it and finding the switch. I also am very sensitive to PWM and did not notice any!

I passed this light on to a friend that is retired and needed a light on a budget… wink! I gave him the basic rundown on lithium cells, storage and use and feel that this will be a great product for him!

Thanks for looking!

EDC rotation:
FW1A, LH351D 4000k (second favorite)
FW3A, LH351D 3500k
FW3A, SST20 FD2 4000k
FW3A, Nichia 4000k sw40 r9080 (favorite light!)
FW3A, Cree XP-L Hi 5A3
Emisar D4V2, SST20 4000k
S2+, XM-L2 T6 4C

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