Review JETBeam E40R (Luminus SST40, x1 18650, Rechargeable)

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Review JETBeam E40R (Luminus SST40, x1 18650, Rechargeable)

Hi guys, this is a review of the JETBeam E40R, my English is very bad, I hope to improve with each revision, thanks for reading my review.


This flashlight has been ceded by GEARBEST without any economic reward, I thank GEARBEST for its confidence shown in me.

Link (referred):

Link (w/o referred):

Price: 36€ ($42.99) (flash sale)



JETBeam E40R

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 773)Imagen


LED: Luminus SST40 N4 BC
BUTTON: Mechanic
MODES: 4+1 (4 normal and strobe)
TINT: 6500K
BATTERY: 1x18650(include)/2xCR123A
SIZE: 106,25mm


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1554 x 1200)Imagen

This model was launched in the 4th quarter of 2017, it is a flashlight that just open the package surprises you for its finishes, the JETBeam E40R comes in a very colorful box with many accessories, nowadays find an EDC flashlight with 18650 is really complicated and even more if we highlight that it has a micro USB charge with a size of 10 centimeters and a weight of 66 grams (without battery), something that I really like this flashlight is that it does not use the typical CREE LED, JETBeam has used a led Luminus, in the box of JETBeam dominate the main colors of the brand that is black and blue.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 770)Imagen
** The battery is inside the flashlight **

The box is printed in black with details in blue, some areas of the box is printed with a bright color, the flashlight comes in the typical transparent plastic box tightly fastened and centered inside the box, the accessories come under the box transparent, be careful when taking out the flashlight or you will fall all the accessories, the manual comes in two languages, in Chinese and English, the flashlight includes the following accessories:

- BATTERY 18650 (2600mAh)


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 961)Imagen
The LED comes perfectly centered and has a CW (cold) tint

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 1176)Imagen

The reflector we have is OP (orange peel), in this type of flashlight I think it is ideal, I think a flashlight with an all-terrain projection, that is, that at the same time that flood also throw, the lens that includes have AR treatment.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 900)Imagen

The exterior finish has surprised me a lot, to have some models of JETBeam but in this aspect they have improved even more, the fins of dissipation of the head come very well finished, they do not scrape when passing the fingers as it happens with other marks and do their function very well.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 900)Imagen

The button of the head (the only one that has) is well integrated, does not give the sensation of fragility or moves a millimeter, as you can see the engraving of the button is perfect, it is very soft to the touch, it also includes the charge indicator, Be careful with this, because it is also an indicator of the battery's state, when the battery reaches 3.4V it starts to flash the green button every second, when the flashlight reaches 3V it starts to flash much faster, here you is indicating that you change the battery.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1132 x 900)Imagen

The charging port of the flashlight is on the opposite side of the power button, comes well centered in its hole and is very generous, I would say that any charging cable comes in, I tried a Samsung charger and another Xiaomi charger and fit perfectly, I emphasize this, because with other flashlights it did not enter according to the narrowness of the hole, the "rubber plug" that protects it from the water fits perfectly, it does not cost anything to unclog the cargo port or cover it, it fits everything perfectly, while loading the light is blinking and once charged the light stays fixed.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 900)Imagen

The nut come perfectly mechanized and lubricated, when tapping the tail cap you can see that quality sensation that we like so much, the thread is "square", the o-ring go very well in this flashlight, so it gives you security in case you have to submerge it in water or use it in the rain.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 900 x 1106)Imagen

The knurling also comes very well mechanized, in this case comes 40% more or less of the flashlight with knurling, both in the body and in the tail cap, when passing the hand through it is quite soft, I like it more aggressive, but it works perfectly, which is the important thing.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 558)Imagen
In the tail cap we have a Knurling engraving also and a hole for the belay cord, besides that the base is flat, therefore we can use it in candle mode, inside we have the spring that measures 18mm wide, has a thickness of 0,8mm, it is of good quality.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1174 x 1200)Imagen

The driver that incorporates has some inscriptions that can be seen by unscrewing the head and are the following, E40R-A-R0 and 20161212, this last one does not know if it will be the manufacture of the driver, the thread has as some notches to unscrew the driver, although I suppose you need some special tool to be able to remove it.


First of all take into account that the battery comes inside the flashlight and before the first ignition you have to remove a plastic that comes from protection in the positive. The JETBeam has 4 normal and one special modes that are distributed as follows:

**These parameters are taken with a 3400mAh battery in a laboratory and measured with ANSI / NEMA FL1 Standar**

The temperature reached by the flashlight in the HIGH mode is approximately 45º. From there, the performance of the flashlight begins to drop very gently, so it is almost impossible to detect it unless you are very careful. Unfortunately I do not have a sphere to measure exactly the runtime, but I can give my impressions, the truth is that in this section I was surprised by the flashlight, in the HIGH mode it has a stepdown when it reaches 45º, although as I mentioned above it is very difficult to realize as it gradually lowers the lumens, in the medium mode which is 310 lumens has an incredible runtime and the flashlight is hardly heated in this lighting mode,I will put a table of the modes that let use according to the voltage:

IMPORTANT: Before reaching the 3.4v it stop the HIGH mode, about 3.6v only lets use the ultra low, low and medium mode, then as you can see in the table above from the 3.4v only use the modes ultra low and low.


Let's go now how the modes of the JETBeam are configured, it's very easy to use, I explain it in a table:


As you can see to turn on the flashlight is a long pulse (2 seconds, excessive), the reason for this long pulse is that it has no electronic lock, but if it has mechanical blocking, I also found a method to turn on the flashlight faster , giving 3 quick clicks, I discovered it the day I received it, with 3 clicks we turn it on without having to wait 2 seconds. What I find very curious about this flashlight is that it keeps the 4 normal modes it has, this is not usually the usual, most flashlights the lowest mode usually does not save, another thing to keep in mind is that the modes work from high to ultra low.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 718)Imagen

The battery that includes is a 18650 of 2600mAh with button top, in the web of JETBeam it does not put anything of that battery it treats, since as we all know JETBeam does not make batteries, it gives me the sensation that it is a Samsung 2600mAh, came loaded to 3.7V (ideally for storage), just after receiving it I did a test and it gave me 2538mAh, so it is very good, and has an internal resistance of 105mΩ.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1600 x 743)Imagen

The holster seems to me of very good quality, something that should include all the flashlights, the flashlight enters just, I see them very useful to carry it both in the belt and in a backpack, besides being of good quality this holster includes something special, and in one of the bands it has to include a second battery, that is, you can carry one inside the flashlight and another spare one. On the back includes metal ring to put it in the molle and also comes with a button to put it on the belt.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 523)Imagen

The clip in this case can only be placed in one way and is in the tail, something I did not like is that it does not stay fixed, it is a little loose so the flashlight could rotate in itself, it also includes a hole to be able to put a lanyard.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 901)Imagen

Something quite curious and that does not happen with all the flashlights that incorporates charge is that you can use it by connecting only the head to a powerbank, in this way "only" operate ultra low, low and medium modes. High mode and strobe do not work.


- Quality, as I comment during the review has a very good quality this flashlight, I do not see any but in this regard.
- Runtime, something I liked a lot is that in HIGH mode before starting to burn down the lumens goes down.
- Micro USB charging, although it is something that you personally noit use a lot.
- All terrain flashlight, for me in this size it is ideal to be launching and at the same time flood.
- Battery indicator, the battery indicator on the body of the flashlight or on the button is something I like a lot.
- Accessories, bring all the accessories you can bring a flashlight, I personally a brand when including accessories I prefer a holster to a clip, in this case we have everything.
- All in one, is a flashlight that includes micro USB charging and comes with a battery, so it is ideal for someone who starts in the flashlight world, you do not have to buy a battery or charger.

- Tint LED, although in this case it is CW I like the dye because it is pure white, I personally like the NW dyes, in this case we only have one option and it is CW, careful, it is a very good dye, It is a very pure white.

- Modes, I do not like that the modes are high to ultra low and much less that the ultra low mode is stored in memory, I think this mode would have to be excluded from memory mode.
- On, an ignition with a long press I do not like it and even less if that pulse is 2 seconds, I prefer to turn it on with a simple click and change modes keeping the button pressed, although in this case they have done so because it has no electronic block .
- Clip, the clip moves rotationally, it should remain fixed as in all flashlights. To put the clip you have to remove the o-ring if not it does not fit.


Please any errors that you see in the review or if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, I hope you like it!
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