Review Nitecore MT42 - 2*18650 – LED CREE XHP35 HD

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Review Nitecore MT42 - 2*18650 – LED CREE XHP35 HD

2*18650 – LED CREE XHP35 HD



The Nitecore MT42 was sent to me by Nitecore for the review. The MT42 was sent to me without the usual sales package.
The flashlight came with an aluminum tactical ring and a transparent bag containing the clip, the lanyard, the spare rubber cap and two O-rings.
For the description with the technical data of the house and the user manual:


The Nitecore MT42 is the latest addition to the "Multi Task" series.
The MT42 is powered by two 18650 batteries (button top) and is equipped with the CREE XHP35 HD LED with which it manages to reach the 470 meters of shot with a power of 1800 lumens. It is IPX8 certified and features ATR technology
"Advanced Temperature Regulation".



• Uses a CREE XHP35 HD LED with a maximum output power of 1800 lumens.
• "Precision Digital Optics Technology" for a parabolic dish with excellent performance.
• Maximum light intensity of 55400cd and maximum range of 470 meters.
• Side selection switch that controls 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes.
• Integrated light indicator showing the remaining battery charge (Patent No.
• High-efficiency circuit, for a constant power and a duration of up to 530 hours.
• "Advanced Temperature Regulation" (ATR) technology.
• Removable tactical ring, made entirely of aluminum.
• Strong front lens made of tempered mineral glass, with anti-leak coating.
• Made of aeronautical aluminum alloy with HAIII anodization with military specifications.
• IPX8 waterproof certification (can be immersed in 2 meters depth).
• Resistant to impacts and falls of up to 1 meter.

Length: 228mm (8.98 ")
Diameter of the head: 50mm (1.97 ")
Drum diameter: 25.4mm (1 ")
Weight: 231.5g (8.17oz)

Accessories included in the package on sale:
Clip, lanyard, 2 × O-rings, holster, replacement rubber button, aluminum tactical ring.







The Clip supplied with the Nitecore MT42 is of a fair size and can be inserted in two different positions.


The Nitecore MT42 has a compact size considering the double battery, the switch in the tail and the head of 50mm.
In the hand you hold good both as a tactical setting (button in the queue) and normal (side button).
It consists of three parts: head, body and tail.


On the head of the Nitecore MT42 we note the deep SMO dish (smooth) with the CREE XHP35 HD LED in the middle. Numerous and deep heat sink fins that surround the head. The glass has anti-reflective coating.


On the side above the head is the lateral electronic button that allows us to manage the levels, but not to light the torch. This metal button, of normal size, has a silent click and is slightly hollowed in its seat.


The central body of the Nitecore MT42 has a rhomboidal anti-slip knurling in half its length.


On both sides we find well legible writings.



There are two O-rings holding water and dust one towards the head and the other towards the tail. Good fillets, well-greased and thick. The aluminum tactical ring can be removed by unscrewing it from its seat.



At the two poles we have as a contact a button plated to the positive and a double spring plated to the negative. The positive has protection against reverse polarity and a plated spring under the button. In the sample sent to me by Nitecore the plastic ring around the positive, for the protection of the reverse polarity, was unglued.



At the bottom we find the tactical power button. If pressed halfway without clicking, it allows the momentary on of the last level selected with the side button.
As you can see from the photos, the rubber button is protected against unwanted lighting. Unscrewing the tailcap by a quarter of a turn we obtain the mechanical block of the torch. Finally, it is possible to fix the lanyard in the tail in one of the two slots available.





The Nitecore MT42 is possible, with a little patience, put it to candle.


The Nitecore MT42 near other torches:


From left: Nitecore MT42, Olight M3XS-UT e Klarus XT32.










Ultra-low - 1 lumen
Low - 68 lumens
Mid - 280 lumens
High - 800 lumens
Turbo - 1800 lumens

Strobe - 1800 lumens
Beacon - 1800 lumens
SOS - 1800 lumens

Momentary ignition
Lightly press and hold the rear rubber button to allow the torch to light up
momentarily. Release the button to turn off the flashlight.

Switching on and off:
Ignition: with the torch off, press the rubber button
back until you hear a "click" and release.
Switching off: with the torch on, press the rubber button
back until you hear a "click" and release.

Adjust the brightness level:
With the torch on, press the side switch located under the head
of the flashlight to scroll through the various brightness levels between Ultralow-Low-

Instant access to the Turbo:
With the torch on, press and hold the side switch
to have immediate access to the Turbo mode. Release it
switch to return to the intensity of light previously used.

Access to special modes (Strobo / beacon / SOS):
Strobe: with the torch on, quickly press the switch twice
lateral to activate the strobe.
Change Mode: with the strobe on, press and hold
pressed the side switch to scroll through the various special modes
"Beacon-Strobe-SOS". Release the switch to select the
special mode.
Return to the normal modes of light: while you are in one
of special modes, press the side switch to return
at the intensity of light previously used.
Switch off: while you are in one of the special modes,
press the rear rubber button to turn off the flashlight.
NOTE: During shutdown, the MT42 keeps the strobe in memory
or the light intensity previously used and the repetition
to the user at the next ignition of the torch. (except
SOS and Beacon modes)

With the flashlight off, press and hold the switch
side and press the rubber button at the same time
back to hear a "click". The blue light indicator placed at the
below the side switch will flash indicating the state of charge
of the batteries inserted inside the torch.
• 3 flashes indicate a battery level above 50%.
• 2 flashes indicate a battery level below 50%.
• 1 flash indicates a battery level below 10%.

ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation):
Thanks to the Advanced Temperature Regulation module, the MT42
regulates its output power adapting to the environment
surrounding, maintaining optimal performance.






Good the beam and the color of the Nitecore MT42. In the center the spot is white while the crown surrounding it is tending towards yellow until it reaches the edges of the spill with a tint that turns slightly to violet.
The Nitecore MT42 has a remarkable shot and a bright spill. This, as you can imagine given the type of torch, it is not near the feet, but begins at a distance of about one meter.





The runtime was performed (Turbo level) in a closed environment with a temperature of about 23 ° C. The batteries used are two fully charged 3000 mAh Keeppower. At the end of the test they measured 3V.

The first test was done without forced ventilation.


Starting from about 60000cd, there is a prograssive decrease up to approximately the tenth minute. At minute 146 you have the first stepdown, with a fast flashing of the side switch, to indicate that the batteries are being exhausted.

The other test was done with the help of a small fan.


From the following graph, comparing the two curves, we note the intervention of the Nitecore ATR system that regulates the brightness according to the temperature on the MT42.










From my tests the torch shot is very good.








I immediately liked the Nitecore MT42. Very nice to see with shape and compact size. I can handle it well and I do not have big hands. Versatile in use with excellent beam, spot and light spill ideal for recognition and research. Not least the electronics and the regulation of good level. Personally I would have preferred to turn on the flashlight with the side switch and not only with the tactical in the queue. Recommended.

Thank you for reading the review.


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The MT42 does not have the brightest hotspot , but it does throw Nut’s .
Throw is very useful – it’s not just a tiny little spot – it just lights up everything in front of you ..
Also love the UI , very KISS which is what you want if the light is intended for anything Law enforcement etc .
Going to start my review today – actually was going to visit BLF then go outside and take pictures .

PS / Thank you Nitecore , + I dont think I have found anything negative to say about the MT42 ..
Better go outside and take those pictures ..

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The resulting sound may , or may not be worth listening too ….


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Thanks for review.
Interesting light. Really want to see beamshots comparison. Wink

Take care of your flashlight and your flashlight will take care of you.

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molto interresanto

have just also got package with it (unexpected one), so your review was helpful.

nice pic. what lense do you use for macro.