Review NEXTORCH TA30 - 1*18650, 2*CR123A

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Review NEXTORCH TA30 - 1*18650, 2*CR123A

                 the smart light



The NEXTORCH TA30 was sent to me by Nextorch for the review.
For the description and technical data of the house:
For the manual:



TA30 is a compact and versatile tactical flashlight with a maximum power of 1100 lumens, designed primarily for law enforcement personnel. The tactical button in the queue has a double function; pressing it halfway can turn the flashlight on at the momentary high level or press all the way down to the momentary strobe in any working condition. The TA30 is equipped at the rear of a rotary magnetic selector which allows in sequence to switch from OFF to Strobe through the Low, Medium and High levels. TA30 is characterized by a steel bezel with very hard nano-ceramic spheres to effectively break, for example, glass or car windows.


Main characteristics:

Output: 15lm / 160lm / 1100lm / Strobe
Duration: 1h45min
Battery: 1 * 18650/2 * CR123 A
Beam distance 240 m
Material: 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum
Finish: robust has III military grade hard-anodized
Diameter: 135 mm (length) x 23 mm (body diameter) x 30 mm (head diameter)
Weight: (without battery): 90.7g
Impact resistance: 2 M
Waterproof: ipx-8, 2 m
5 year warranty

Clip, lanyard, 2 spare O-rings, rechargeable battery, USB cable, CR123A adapter and manual.






The NEXTORCH TA30 is sold in a white cardboard box. The main features are described, through written and photos, on the four sides of the box.




The TA30 is sold without holster. I bought a rigid "Tactical Polymer Holster" on Amazon that seems to be built just for the TA30.


Bought out of curiosity, after a bit of practice you can fix the torch well inside the hard case, but I always prefer the classic cordura case.



The removable steel clip, supplied with the NEXTORCH TA30, is well made. Although it remains firmly in the body of the TA30, screwing the tailcap, the clip is partly covered for a greater safety. On it we can insert the lanyard supplied with the TA30.





The battery supplied with the TA30 is a 18650 protected by 2600 mAh. It has the possibility, through the USB cable supplied, to be recharged even if this forces us to extract it from the torch. However, I believe this solution is valid.



The NEXTORCH TA30 tactical flashlight has a small size and grips very well. Its use is very simple and practical even in the dark or with gloves. Easy to remember how to use the button in the queue or the rotating magnetic selector. This operation can also be done with one hand.



The NEXTORCH TA30 is composed of three parts: head, body and tail (tailcap). The only part that can be unscrewed is the tailcap.



The NEXTORCH TA30 head is well shaped even if it does not have cooling fins. Are highlighted the crenellated steel bezel and the SMO dish (smooth) with the CREE XP-L V6 LED in the center . A feature of the TA30 is the presence of three beads in NANO-CERAMICA in relief on the bezel. These balls, made of very hard material, are used to easily break a glass.



The central body of the NEXTORCH TA30 has a slight anti-slip knurling that facilitates grip in difficult situations (sweaty, wet hands, etc.).

Good the various writings on the TA30. Highlights those that remind us of the correct insertion of the battery.



By unscrewing the tailcap, we have access to the battery compartment. At the positive we see a plated spring. While at the negative we have a button always plated.




The thread, in my example, come well fattened. Being anodized they allow, if we unscrew the tailcap a quarter of a turn, the mechanical block.






On the tail of the TA30 we find the rotating magnetic selector and the tactical button.


The rotary selector (magnetic technology) has five positions: Tac, I, II, III and Constant Strobe. These correspond to: off-low-mid-high and constant strobe (counterclockwise).
The ring turns cleanly with a normal resistance. The click are accurate and there is good tactile feedback.



In all positions we have the possibility to use the tactical button to obtain the high momentary level if pressed partially (halfway) and the momentary strobe level when pressed completely. On release, the brightness will return to the level selected on the rotary selector.

We see the NEXTORCH TA30 along with other torches.

From left: Nitecore P26, Nitecore Chameleon CR6, XTAR TZ28, NEXTORCH TA30 e Olight M2T.







The NEXTORCH TA30 beam has a particular shape when viewed closely. This is due to the nano-ceramic spheres on the steel bezel that cover part of the light beam. Concentric rings with different shades of color are then visible near the wall. In normal use these features do not disturb the light beam. The color is of a nice cool white with the white spot and the crown around tending to the yellow. Although small in size, the TA30's shot is good. Finally the distance of the spill from the feet is about 60 cm.





The Runtime was done in a closed environment with an internal temperature of about 23/24 ° C. The battery used, fully charged, is the one supplied with the torch, that is a 18650 of 2600 mAh.
The first test was done with the 1100 lumens (HIGH) light level without forced ventilation.



In the second test I joined the TA30 a small fan for a short time (15min.)
As can be seen from the graph, the curve is similar to that of the test without ventilation.



In the end a test was made with the light output in Mid (160 lumens).

With this light output, the TA30 stays on for many before it completely runs out of battery.






















I liked the NEXTORCH TA30, soft lines and quality in construction. It's small, it handles well and makes a lot of light with a good shot. The magnetic selector is practical and interesting are the high hardness nano-ceramic balls on the TA30 head, even if the price to pay is the not perfect beam. Nice product.
Thank you for reading the review.

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I also have the light and I love the slim line of the body and rounded corners of the head – it is just elegant. The switch is also something, that bought me into the light and I really like how fast you can check something for a second. What makes me not so happy is the white, low CRI tint – this beauty will benefit big time from neutral emitter with higher CRI. Unfortunately the bezel is so thin, that I could not open (guess it also has some glue). Overall – I also fully recommend the light.

P.S. If somebody is wondering – it seem not mod friendly with unibody, thin bezel and special switch, I guess the driver is accessible only from the head.
P.P.S. I also bought the plastic holder and do not find it very useful for civilian use – too bulky and strange.