MF04 or BLF GT for XHP-70.2 mod?

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MF04 or BLF GT for XHP-70.2 mod?


I already have the BLF GT, and after VOB’s video, I was planning to mod it with an XHP-70.2. With the MF04 still available for a good price, it got me thinking on which light would be a better host.

Does anyone know or have an opinion?

I’m not sure I want to do the FET driver mod as I feel like I will be satisfied with dome sliced led at the 4.5 amps provided by modding the resistor on the existing GT driver.

I feel like the lower amount of heat would allow for better sustained run time and allow the light to operate continuously possibly? I believe VOB’s temperature readings showed that the FET driven GT is really only useable for a couple of minutes due to heat.

Could the resistor modded GT maintain the 6,000 or so lumens after heat production/gain equilibrates? For how long on 8 of the Samsung 35E(is 30q better at this amp draw?)?

Assuming the MF04 driver(which I am assuming is also a buck driver?) can be modded similarly, will the GT(with 8 cells) or MF04 allow greater sustained output taking into account heat dissipation and battery power? The mf04 isn’t quite the GT killer it was promised to be in terms of throw right? So the reflector/throw attributes should be similar?

Thank you

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GT, no doubt.

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hmm… if you can do your own upgrades… my gosh man… CFT90 in the BLF GT and your good to go

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I have already modded my GT for XHP-70.2 and a FET driver and is a monster…

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I have fitting buck drivers for both 12V 6-7A makes sense
new MOSFET is better at those currents, also the inductor can get a smaller value

Modding a 25mm or 32mm MCPCB to 12V works on both lights

Modding the original driver makes not sense if you do not upgrade a lot components and change the switching frequency
I have calculated the resistor modded does not look good at high currents

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Could you explain that in a slightly more simplified manner?
I don’t really understand it.

Can there be different output levels using FET?


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I’m trying to keep up here, reading about the CFT90 and XHP70.2 output LM’s , voltage , amps, etc… If you could cool the CFT90 and use 8 × 21700 batteries, would it substantially produce more lm’s that the XHP 70.2 with the same configuration ? I’m tyring to put together a long thrower with a single led and using MT35 PLUS aka MF04 as a host, water cooled of course. Any suggestions ? And I will need the highest amp driver that will not burn up the led or me…..

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What size has the MCPCB of the MF04? The same 28mm as the MF02?
Does anyone know?