Review Nitecore LR12 - 1*18650, 2*CR123A

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Review Nitecore LR12 - 1*18650, 2*CR123A


The Nitecore LR12 was sent to me directly by Nitecore for the review.
For the description and technical data of the house:
For the manual:


The Nitecore LR12 is an innovative torch, can be used as a torch and as a lantern. This is done simply by holding the torch body still and then rotating the polygon-shaped rotating ring located near the tail cap. The LR12 is powered by a 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries and is equipped with the CREE XP-L HD V6 LED with which it reaches 166 meters of maximum shooting with a power of 1000 lumens. It is IPX8 certified (can be immersed up to 2 meters) and is equipped with ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) technology.
Main features:

• 2-in-1 torch and lantern design
• Integrated retractable diffuser to transform the LR12 from torch into lantern
• Uses a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED which emits a maximum power of 1000 lumens
• "Crystal Coating Technology" combined with "Precision Digital Optics Technology" for
guarantee excellent light performance
• Maximum luminous intensity equal to 6900cd and maximum range of 166 meters
• High efficiency circuit, for a constant power and a duration of 900 hours
• 4 levels of brightness and a special mode
• Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology
• Protection against polarity inversion
• Strong front lens made of tempered mineral glass, with anti-reflective coating
• Made of aeronautical aluminum alloy with HAIII anodization to military specifications
• IPX8 waterproof certification (can be dipped in 2 meters)
• Impact resistant to 1 meter in height
• Magnetic base and possibility to stand on the back cap

Length: 4.18 "(106.2mm)
Drum diameter: 1.06 "(26.9mm)
Weight: 2.77oz (78.5g)

Lanyard, spare O-ring
The Nitecore LR12 has a compact size and a cigar line with a smooth body without edges. The only unscrewable part is the magnetic tailcap.
On the head of the Nitecore LR12 we note the small smooth parabola surrounded by the diffuser and with the CREE XP-L HD V6 LED in the middle. We do not have heat sink fins even if the torch is regulated for heat (ATR). The glass has anti-reflective treatment.
Extracting the diffuser (lipstick shaped) to convert the LR12 into the lantern is very simple. Holding the torch body firmly, turn the hexagonal ring located before the tailcap clockwise. Then turn in the reverse direction to return to torch.
The polygonal shape of the rotating bezel also has the purpose of attenuating the rolling of the LR12.
On the central body of the Nitecore LR12 we find the writing, to the touch in relief, clearly legible.
By unscrewing the tailcap, we have access to the battery compartment. On the positive side we have a plated button and on the negative side a spring, of fairly hard and thick, also plated. The Nitecore LR12 accepts batteries with or without button and has reverse polarity protection.
On the tail cap we have a rhomboidal knurling that facilitates the grip, there is also a small hole where you will put the cord supplied with the Nitecore LR12. The torch cap has a powerful magnet at the base for gripping ferrous materials. Being flat bottom, the LR12 can be set up (by candle).
The threads where the tailcap is to be screwed are well greased and there is the only O-ring on the LR12. The guaranteed water protection standard is IPX8.
The Nitecore LR12 along with other lanterns:
The user interface of the LR12 is very simple. We have 4 levels of brightness and a special level (Beacon):

Turbo: 1000 lm
High: 230 lm
Mid: 60 lm
Low: 1 lm
Beacon: 1000 lm
Power On / Off
Power On: screw the rear cap to turn on the light
Switching off: unscrew the rear cap to turn off the light.
Note: the diffuser of the LR12 can be extracted by turning the torch stem clockwise.
When the speaker is retracted, the LR12 functions like a normal LED flashlight; when the
speaker is pulled out, the LR12 works like a radial lantern.

Adjust the brightness level
With the light on, turn off the flashlight. Re-tighten within 2 seconds of turning off the LR12
quickly the rear cap to switch to the next light mode. Repeat the
process to continuously scroll between the "low-mid-high-turbo-beacon" modes.
Note: The LR12 does not have a memory function; every time you turn it on again,
will propose light at low mode.

ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation)
Thanks to the Advanced Temperature Regulation module, the LR12 regulates its output power
adapting to the surrounding environment, maintaining optimal performance.
Good beam of the Nitecore LR12. A good balance between spot and spill, without particular dominance and with a not too cold color. The beam covers a wide angle of illumination and in any case the distance reached (1000 lumens) is discrete and exceeds 50 meters. Using the torch as a lantern we will have a diffused lighting at 360 ° while the spot will always be present and in evidence.

The first test was done in a closed environment placing the Nitecore LR12 in Turbo (1000lm). The used battery is a fully charged 3200 mAh Nitecore.
The second test was performed under the same conditions with the same 3200 mAh Nitecore battery by placing the torch at the HIGH level (230lm). The battery at the end of the test was 2.59V.

Nitecore's new LR12 torch-lantern is beautiful and useful. Undoubtedly a must for those who go camping or hiking with tent. Well regulated and the light that makes it exceeds 50 meters of useful shot.
The revolving mechanism of change levels at the beginning a little hard to operate over time has improved.
Comfortable then the magnetic tailcap. Recommended product.
Thank you for reading the review.