Review: Olight I1R

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Review: Olight I1R

Small review of small keylight.

As far I remember, the first, who popularized the idea of such tiny things was George from DQG. For some time his pair of models solely dominated the market, and only after then manufacturers tried to get their piece of cake. Well, Olight definitely plays well at this micro-field, their “S” model line contains the best 16340 flashlights around. Lets take a look if they succeeded or not.


  • IPX8
    weight 12г
    length 41г
    diameter 14мм
    LED Philips LUXEON TX
    Modes: 5\130 lumens.


Package is decent, texturized thick cardboard with good design. Thought it supposed to be anti-theft sealed, I easily could grab flashlight from the bottom, as layer of glue there is too thin. So I easily opened it and closed back, it looked never opened. So, I recommend Olight to use stronger glue or seal bottom with branded seal-tape.

So, as a gift, this package will be OK.
Inside we get small plastic blister that contains: keylight itself, USB-cable, manual. I think that adding some small carabiner would also be reasonable and add nothing to price.

Cable is short and definitely good-looking.

And keylight itself. It is neat short black cylinder with notches at both sides for easily grip. I like the way it looks and feels in hand.

I1R is devided into halves. The one that is heaviere, bottom one, contain battery that I consider to be something like 10180 which is typical decision for such flashlights.

There is also micro-USB charging port. Knurling is small and well lubricated, upper half slides on it smoothly.

There is red-green indication of charge process.

I`d like that threads would be 3-4 mm longer, so when charge port is open, upper halve is still on threads, not separate. There will be less chances to loose it. Of course I understand that for such tiny products, extra 3-4mm is a serious number.

There are “low\high” switch position printed at rear side..

What about upper half: contact plate inside, TIR-optic outside with…hmm…strange decision – again Philips LUXEON TX, that Olight utilizes in popular and cheap i3E EOS.

I don’t know why Olight picked this one, not XP-G2\XP-E2 (not speaking about Nichia). Seems like they simply get rid of stock leftovers. Anyway, for real use I don’t see any difference.


Just twist half to LOW, than to High. That is it.
And I find it better than usual cycling through modes with regular “on-off” twists like in all the keylights. Definetely more convenient for me. For example, I can use only one hand and rapidly choose modes in part of second,


There is no PWM shimmering at any mode.

Light is CW. And i`d definitely like to see NW here.
Below I compare it with Nichia.
But, again, for simple needs of any non-flashaholic person, that is no difference. These “non-highCRIshnaits” don’t care about tint and stuff.

Charge amperage is sooo tiny that I wasn’t able to measure it. But my usb-tested says that only 54mah got inside, definetely less than stated. I also have to mention that I wasn’t able to fully discharge battery, as flashlight glows in dim-dim-dim mode after some time, seems it can keep on doing it for a while.
Sidelight is wide.

And another popular light – Lumintop Warm

What about runtime chart. I`d make this flashlight less bright, 100 instead of 130 (that also is a reasonable number for NW) to get flatter runtime line. Here we witness expected – stepdown like from simple linear driver (which may be there, exactly).

And what about illumination itself. Indoor both the modes are fully functional, take a look at GIF. even 5 lumens pointed 2 meters from me are enough bright to see where i`m going + some dim, but still visible to human eye sidelight.
LOW may be more useless outdoor, where parasitic light is inevitable. May be there will be some use in you point I1R only straight at your own feet.


So, what about functionality, I1R is definitely ok for such tiny thing.
+ built-in charge port
+ quite bright and set of modes
+ simple and convenient UI
+ good package and appearance, OK for gift
+ as it is Olight, you can expect good assembling quality
+ no PWM-shimmering
- non replaceable battery.

+\- strange choice of LED. I don’t think it affects real use. But, I don’t understand this choice. So it is nor good, neither bad.

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