Review: Nitecore MT21C (1x18650 with tiltable head, XP-L, Thermal Regulation)

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Review: Nitecore MT21C (1x18650 with tiltable head, XP-L, Thermal Regulation)

I received the Nitecore MT21C from Nitecore for the review . The main characteristics of the MT21C: .
[*]Utilizes a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED with a 1000 lumen max output
[*]90 degree adjustable head flashlight for streamlined or angled use
[*]Single side switch controls 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes
[*]High efficiency constant circuit provides unwavering output with up to 700 hours of runtime
[*]Built-in power indicator to easily check battery voltage on the go
[*]Magnetic base and tail stand capability
. . . The MT21C comes in this box.
. . . Inside the box: the light, the sheath, clip, spare o-rings, manual, lanyard. . . Here’s the MT21C: a 18650 powered light with a tiltable head. . . At the head there’s inserted a non removable metallic D ring . . Here’s a detail of the head, where also the electronic switch is located . . Here is how the head tilting works: between the head and the body there’s this hinge, that comes very greased from the factory . . The two parts tilt and they have some fixed angles where you hear a click and the two parts are solid and don’t move even if you shake the light: . . At the tailcap the threads are square cut and anodized, allowing physical lockout. In the tailcap there’s also a magnet that allows you to hold the light on a metallic surface. Thus gaining advantage of the additional illumination capabilities offered by the tiltable head. . . At the head the threads are anodized too, but triangular cut . . At the head there’s a raised button for contact at the positive pole of the battery, thus the light will work both with flat and button top cells. . . And here is with the MT22C . . Here’s the UI .
. Output and runtime . . Beamshot at 0.5 meters from the wall
There are some artifacts near the spot, which also appears squared to my eye, even at a few meter distances. Also the tint on my sample is on the nw side, greenish. . . Here is a thermal test of the light

. My thoughts The MT21C is well built and finished. I like the concept of the tiltable head, and how it was made on this Nitecore Light. A tiltable head means a bigger head and a worst heat dissipation, but it adds so many more possibility of use, especially when combined with the clip, the D-Ring (another novelty, that also acts as an anti-rolling device) or with the magnetic base. This kind of light is ideal if you want to have a light that can bring you light when working in a tight restrained space, like a computer, electronic racks, or a shutter box. I like the regulation on the tested levels, and the UI I like the shortcut to minimum and maximum mode, but I miss the last used mode. This is a light that you will always turn on at low mode, and from there you have to progress to the mode you want to use (unless you want turbo, for that there’s a shortcut). The metal switch cover protrudes a lot and it has a very long travel. I like the blue backlight switch, I’d like it could work as a locator, but only acts as a battery meter. . I’d like to see a OP reflector, instead of a smooth one, even if this means sacrificing a bit of throw in favour of a much more usable beam suitable for close distances… maybe a different emitter, paired with an optic like a TIR. . I’d like to see this light come with a NW tint. . Thanks to AntoLed.

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