Review: Folomov EDC-C4

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Review: Folomov EDC-C4

Review copy was sent in by Folomov.

So FoloMov means "Follow me to move on" ^^


This came in a full retail packaging. The box is a black and orange color combination with important specifications at the back and sides. Package includes:
EDC-C4 light
18650 Cell
Charging Cable
Pocket clip
2x o-rings


This light is made from a black anodized aluminum. The anodizing is smooth, even and has some gloss, but it's quite thin and you can easily see the milling marks on the head and tail. The threads and o-rings on my particular copy doesn't come pre-lubed, the threads appear to be triangular. This light feels very easy to carry. For flashlights that are intended to use on a daily basis (EDC) and for possibly a long period of time, form factor has a big impact. This light is well balanced and compact in a medium sized hand (not head/tail-heavy). Switching between overhand and underhand holding method is easy with its form factor, overall, I would say it has fair build quality.

The main power switch for the light has a grey tactile rubber boot and textured cover, and a grey rubber cover for the micro USB charging port on the opposite side. Both covers are secure and has good fit. I wouldn't worry about it opening accidentally. There are shallow heat fins that go around that area of the head.

The light has a smooth, shallow reflector. The lens is slightly recessed and has fairly thick mineral glass. It does not look to have anti reflective coated glass and the LED is nicely centered in the middle.

The barrel is square knurled, with four flat spots that line up with the button and the charging port on the head. One flat is silk screened with Folomov's logo, and the other with the model name and a warning to only use 18650 cells in the light. The body tube is non-reversible due to different thread lengths. The threads are triangular, and the o-rings are pretty skinny. Knurling is useful but not too aggressive, it enables the light to provide sufficient grip, even with wet hands/gloves.

The tailcap has a plain, flat finish with a spring and no button. The spring is gold plated,is held in by a triangular bit that fits into a groove on the inside of tailcap, there's only one and it's not very stiff. 

On the outside, there's a small hole for a lanyard , and a also has square knurling for grip. The light can tailstand perfectly, even with the lanyard attached. It would have been great if the manufacturer included a magnet in the tail. The tail cap can also be slightly unscrewed for a physical lock-out.

There is a groove for a clip at the tail end of the tube. The clip is tail only and is removable but not reversible.
This light is only rated for IPX-6 meaning it’s rated for rain, or high pressure stream but not full submersion.


LED, Runtime, and Reflector:

This light uses a Cree XP-L V6 LED in cool white. It has a fairly large dome on it. It has a pronounced hot center and minimal spill. The light does have low voltage protection on the battery that will shut off the light to stop damaging the battery.The light runs on turbo for about 2m before dropping down to 45% output (in green).

According to the manual, the ratings and runtimes given were with a higher capacity 3400mah battery, but that’s not what this light comes with,only a 2600mah cell.


Modes and UI operation:

UI for this light is suitable for Every Day Carry (EDC) as it is somewhat simple and unique to use. Light starts at Low (10 lm), Middle (75 lm), High (200 lm), and Turbo (1200 lm), Strobe (1200 lm), SOS (1200 lm) and Beacon (75 lm). The mode rotation goes L -> M -> H -> T -> H -> M -> L . There is mode memory.

From off, press and hold to turn the light on in the last used mode, single press to advance modes, double press to go into Strobe, then again to go to SOS, then again to go to Beacon, and single press to go to the last used non-blinky mode, and press and hold to turn the light off. The blinky modes can also be accessed directly from off by double clicking. Once the cell reaches about 3.3V, the light only lets you use low and medium. Also, as the voltage decreases, the brightness of all the modes decreases.


Lockout Capability:

Both mechanical lockout and electronic lockout are possible. A quarter turn (anti-clockwise) of the tail cap or a quarter turn (clockwise) of the head will enable mechanical lockout. Electronic lockout mode can be done by a fast triple click to lock or unlock.

Note: If electronic lockout is enabled followed by enabling mechanical lockout, the electronic lockout will still remain enabled even after the mechanical lockout has been disabled.


Battery Capacity Indicator:

Switch will glow one of the following colors when the flashlight is On.
Green (>50% battery capacity)
Slow Red Flashing (<10% to <50% battery capacity)
Fast Red Flashing (<10% battery capacity & Low/Mid modes can be used only)



The light's button lights up in different ways when the light is on to show the battery status. If the battery is over 50% charged, there's a solid green light. If it's between 10% and 50%, there are slow red flashes. When the battery capacity is less than 10% (around 3.3V), there are fast red flashes.

The light charges via micro USB. A cable is provided. The light flashes red when charging, then shows solid green when it's finished. You can also use the light, totally disconnected from the barrel connected to a charger.


PWM Check:

There appears to be no significant PWM on any constant mode. Tried this using the water faucet method and fan blade method as I don't have a DMM yet.



The light produces a cool white (6000K-6500K) Cree XP-L LED



With the XP-L LED used, the beam is sufficiently “throwy” for recognising targets in the near to mid-range distance. The beam has a distinct hotspot with some slight corona and a fairly wide usable spill. There is a slight ring in the beam on wall shots but not visible in real world usage.



I had a few cosmetic issues with the copy I received. The "hot" logo doesn't line up with the switch and flat parts of the barrel. Of course this doesn't affect performance. The threads and o-rings on my particular copy doesn't come pre-lubed. And for me this light comes pretty hot to hold on turbo, maybe because of it's size.



This is a very compact flashlight for using an 18650 and being USB rechargeable. The fact that it can act as a USB powerbank too is a nice added feature. The light will work while charging or while being used as a powerbank but at reduced output which is important. I like that you can use flat tops in it as well as button tops for all the features. For the money, output and these features it’s a decent value.

The hidden mode functions are great that they have all 3 (strobe, beacon and sos) as some other lights only have 1 or 2. An ultra-low 1 lumen mode would have made this light perfect.

It is the best option for an inexpensive EDC flashlight/power bank in one.

Brightness levels cycles up and down, very unique but you have to go all the way to one end before switching directions.

Electronic lockout works with the physical lockout making dual lockout possible which is awesome.

Flat top batteries, and button top batteries work for the light and power bank features.

Mode spacing could be improved as there is quite a bit of difference between 200 and 1200 lumens.
2600mah battery is lower capacity for 2018, especially for a light that can act as a power bank. Should have been at least 3400mah.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Body Material: Black HAIII Aluminium
Battery Format: 1 x 18650 ONLY
Output & Runtime (with 18650 3.6V/3400mAh battery):
Low (10 lumens / 200h)
Mid (75 lumens / 20h)
High (200 lumens / 6h)
Turbo (1200 lumens / 2h)
Max Beam Distance: 175m
Beam intensity: 8,000cd
Waterproofness: IPX-6 Standard
Impact Resistance: 1m
Dimension: 99mm (length) x 25.4mm (diameter)
Weight: 50g (excluding batteries)
Battery reverse polarity protection
Accessories Included:
1*Folomov 18650 2600mAh battery
1*Micro-USB Cable (for Charging and Discharging)
MSRP: $43 via Amazon


Below are beamshots and some creative shots of the light:






Turbo beam shot:

Med at 45 feet:

High at 45 feet:

Turbo at 45 feet:

Med-High-Turbo at 30 feet gif:

Med at 30 feet:

High at 30 feet:

Turbo at 30 feet:

Low at 5 feet:

Med at 5 feet:

High at 5 feet:

Turbo at 5 feet:

Low at 15 feet:

Mid at 15 feet:

High at 15 feet:

Turbo at 15 feet:


This concludes my review and thank you for reading. You may like and follow my page for giveaways, discount codes, coupons, and more! and my blog at for more items. 
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Sacrileizei received this product for testing and providing an honest to goodness, comprehensive, real world review.
Sacrileizei was not paid for writing this review.

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