Review XTAR TZ28 1100 e XTAR TZ28 1500 - 1*18650 2*CR123A

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Review XTAR TZ28 1100 e XTAR TZ28 1500 - 1*18650 2*CR123A

XTAR TZ28 1100 e XTAR TZ28 1500
1*18650 – 2*CR123A



I thank XTAR for sending me the new TZ28 1100 and TZ28 1500 tactical torches for review.
For the description and technical data of the house:



The TZ28 1100 is a compact tactical flashlight, with a maximum power of 1100 lumens, designed primarily for law enforcement personnel. It is equipped with a double switch tail to directly access the high level and the strobe. It has a radius that allows it to reach 302 meters and 3 different levels of brightness selectable. Equipped with gold-plated springs and a double-layer design, it is water-resistant with IPX8 protection rating and is suitable for use even in difficult conditions with temperatures ranging from -40 ℃ to + 45 ℃.
In addition to the TZ28 1100, the XTAR TZ28 1500 is also produced and sold with similar characteristics but with different LED and levels. Let's start with analyzing the model TZ28 1100.


Main features (TZ28 1100):

Output: Low: 60lm / Mid: 200lm / HIGH: 1100Lm / Strobe: 1100Lm
Maximum duration: 40 hours
Candles: 23000
Battery: 1 * 18650/2 * CR123A
Beam distance 302 m
Material: aerospace grade 6N01 grade III aluminum, anodized hard corrosion finish
Diameter: 138.8 mm (length) x 25.4 mm (body diameter) x 34 mm (head diameter)
Weight: (without battery): 114.8g
Impact resistance: 1.5 m
Waterproof: ipx-8, 2 m for 30min.
Warranty: 24 months

Package contents:
Flashlight with clip, holster, remote control, tactical weapon attack, Red / Green / Blue filter, O-ring, battery charger, 18650 battery, USB cable, lanyard, CR123A adapter, manual and warranty.





Manual of the XTAR TZ28 1100:




The XTAR TZ28 1100 arrived in a rigid plastic case complete with accessories, while the TZ28 1500 version arrived in a white cardboard box. Very well kept the case of small size despite the rich baggage of accessories.



In the XTAR TZ28 1100 package we find the Li-ion18650 battery marked XTAR 3500 mAh and the charger XTAR ANT-MC1 Plus. From the characteristics declared by the house the Li-ion protected 18650 XTAR, 68.8mm long, is a Panasonic - Sanyo NCR18650GA.
The MC1 Plus charger automatically selects the most suitable charging current (0.5 A / 1 A) for the batteries to ensure maximum durability and is equipped with an LCD display that shows the charging current and the battery charge status. It is compatible with 3.6V / 3.7V Li-ion / IMR / INR / ICR batteries and with all devices with 5V USB output including for example power banks, solar panels etc.



The XTAR ANT MC1 Plus manual:


Another accessory present in the sales package is the tactical weapon attack equipped with its Allen wrench.



The remote control is present in the package. With the remote switch we can perform all the operations we do with the two switches on the tail of the XTAR TZ28. Excellent construction and soft clicks of the buttons.



Other important and useful accessories are the filters. Together with the rubber filter holder, there are three filters: red, green and blue. I would have also appreciated a diffuser filter in the package.



The holster supplied with the TZ28 1100 and TZ28 1500 is of excellent quality. Solid, well-made cordura with elasticated sides and velcro closure with a plastic D-ring at the top and a double loop at the center in the middle, one with a button closure.
The XTAR TZ28 inserted in the case remains firm.



The removable steel clip, supplied with the XTAR TZ28 1100 and TZ28 1500, is well-made. The clip is firmly attached to the torch and is partly covered by the tactical ring screwed onto the torch. Therefore, before removing the clip, unscrew this ring, remembering to first remove the O-ring present around the threads that prevents the exit.



The XTAR TZ28 has a normal size for a 18650 torch and handles well. In the dark we have no difficulty finding the two buttons in the queue, being of different height and size.



The XTAR TZ28 consists of three parts: head, body and tail. Of the head I managed to unscrew the crenellated bezel and then have access to the glass, aluminum reflectors and LED. The other part that can be unscrewed is the tailcap.



The bezel has a deep and aggressive crenellation, the parabola is SMO (smooth) with the CREE XP-L-HI V2 LED in the middle.




The head is partly surrounded by cooling fins. The XTAR TZ28 is equipped with an intelligent system that lowers the light output and therefore the heat produced at temperatures above 60° C to prevent problems caused by high temperatures.



The central body of the XTAR TZ28 has a rhomboidal anti-slip knurling that facilitates grip in difficult situations (water, dirt, etc.). Excellent lettering on both sides of the flashlight.



By unscrewing the tailcap, we turned on the battery compartment. The CR123A battery adapter is included with the TZ28.



As specified by XTAR, one of the characteristics of the TZ28 is to have the central part, inside the torch, with a double layer design that improves the efficiency and work of the batteries.




Quality and thickness are the plated springs used for positive and negative contact.



The particular shape of the tailcap protects the TZ28 from accidental switching on and allows, through a hole, the insertion of the supplied lanyard. The XTAR TZ28 can be placed in tail standing (candle).






The two switches in the queue (Switch and E-Switch), of different sizes and height, allow us to obtain instantaneous, momentary or constant high brightness (Switch) and momentary or constant instantaneous strobe (E-Switch). The larger Switch has a longer run of the E-Switch which manages the levels and the strobe. Both emit a audible click.



The XTAR TZ28 user interface is very simple. We have three levels available plus the strobe.

Low 60lm
Mid 200 lm
High 1100lm
Strobe 1100lm




High instant light
Press the "Switch" button to enter the high light mode. Press halfway for the momentary on.

Choose the mode
Press Switch to turn on the flashlight, the default mode is High, press E-Switch to change the mode, the mode changes cyclically as "Mid-Low-High". We have no memory.

Instant Strobe 6Hz (2s) -15Hz (2s)
When the flashlight is on, long press the E-Switch button to enter Strobe, 3 seconds to lock the Strobe mode. When the flashlight is off, press E-Switch to enter the Strobe mode, 5 seconds to lock the Strobe mode.


The torch gradually reduces the output when the torch temperature exceeds 60° C.



The XTAR TZ28 1100 near other torches:








XTAR TZ28 1500



The differences between the XTAR TZ28 1100 and the XTAR TZ28 1500 are minimal, especially in terms of shape and size. As the name implies, the TZ28 1500 has more light output, from 1100 to 1500 lumens. It is equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED with which it reaches 340 meters shooting with 29200CD.
The dimensions are the same as in the 1100 version, but the weight varies from 114.8gr to 116gr.




The packaging:




The manual of the XTAR TZ28 1500:



In the user interface (UI) the levels change, a medium level of 400lm is added:

Low: 60lm
Mid: 200lm
Mid: 400lm
High: 1500lm
Strobe: 1500lm






Beautiful the beam of the XTAR TZ28 1100. Really considerable shooting, which goes beyond the data declared by the house, with a very bright spot as well as the spill surrounding it. As color temperature we are on 6450 ° K. Distance of the spill from feet approximately 100 cm.



Excellent also the beam of the 1500 version. The two XTAR surprised me for the considerable shot but also for an excellent overall quality of the beam and the hue (cool white).




The runtime of the XTAR TZ28 1100 was performed in a closed environment, without forced ventilation and with an internal temperature of about 24 ° C.
The battery used is the one supplied with the torch, a 18650 protected by 3500 mAh fully charged.
The first test was done with the TZ28 1100 in HIGH (1100lm):


The second test was made under the same operating conditions with the TZ28 1100 in MID (200lm):




Let's move on to the XTAR TZ28 1500

This was also done in a closed environment, without forced ventilation and with an internal temperature of about 24 °C.
The battery used is always the one supplied with the TZ28 1100, a 18650 protected by 3500 mAh fully charged.

The first test was done with the TZ28 1500 in HIGH (1500lm):



The second test was made under the same operating conditions with the TZ28 1500 in MID (400lm):






Some shots made day and night with the XTAR TZ28 1100 and the video made with both models.












XTAR TZ28 1100 and TZ28 1500 are two excellent tactical flashlights. Simple and immediate in use, they have direct access to the high level and to the strobe. The two XTAR are gripping well and taken hold in hand you note the build quality that also extends to the accessories included in the two packages and in particular the complete TZ28 1100. I was surprised by the distance reached by the beam of both, certainly underestimated by the house .
Thank you for reading the review.


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Thanks for review.
Interesting but their price is quite high for me and it’s only available on ebay?

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My dear Desmondkun,
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